Erwin vs Hange

Suggested by Eric Erwin has always been known as a solid tactical leader. He may use villainous tactics and has never acted like anything close to a hero, but if you don’t mind what methods are used as long as it attains victory then he is your man. On the other side of the field, Hanji has never really been known as a fighter and she mostly delights in attacking people who can’t fight back at the moment. She has some mild hand to hand skills and can use the equipment to slay titans, but Erwin is just a lot better at it than she is. He is tougher, faster, and has more experience. She will not be able to overcome this gap on ability. Erwin wins.

Erwin vs Guren Ichinose

Erwin and Guren are both good commanders, but Guren has the edge in actual power. Erwin can talk the talk, but he can’t walk the walk. If it comes down to a fight, Erwin is essentially powerless. Guren has super speed and his sword skills enable him to fight on par with vampire warriors who have physically superior stats to humans. Guren’s partnership with a demon can also grant him exceptional strength when necessary. It comes at a price, but on this site, the characters are willing to take any risk to secure the win! Guren Ichinose wins.