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Bass vs Guren Ichinose

Guren Ichinose is back, but he won’t do any better than Yuichiro against such a fearsome opponent. I’m serious, Bass is just on a whole different level. His powers are so great that many opponents will tremble before him. A single Earthbreaker attack from Bass and it’s all over. Guren may talk a good game, but I don’t think he would even have the courage to bluff in front of this kind of power. Bass wins.

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Anna (Frozen) vs Guren Ichinose

Anna is a pretty skilled individual who has a strong will. She certainly doesn’t go down without a fight. Unfortunately that will simply won’t be enough against Guren. Guren has a lot of raw power and speed as well. His sword abilities allow him to take on multiple opponents at once. Anna has no real weapons or powers that she can use to defend from those attacks which is why she can’t win this fight. Guren Ichinose wins.

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Erwin vs Guren Ichinose

Erwin and Guren are both good commanders, but Guren has the edge in actual power. Erwin can talk the talk, but he can’t walk the walk. If it comes down to a fight, Erwin is essentially powerless. Guren has super speed and his sword skills enable him to fight on par with vampire warriors who have physically superior stats to humans. Guren’s partnership with a demon can also grant him exceptional strength when necessary. It comes at a price, but on this site, the characters are willing to take any risk to secure the win! Guren Ichinose wins.