Leonard vs Oolong

Oolong may be able to shape shift, but that won’t be enough to stop Leonard. Leonard has his White Knight form and one good slash would take Oolong down for the count. Oolong may be able to run pretty quickly, but that will only buy him a little time at the most. Oolong has lost many times on the blog and it seems like it will never end! Leonard wins.

Leonard vs Bass

Leonard is back, but none of his abilities will be able to save him from Bass. If Leonard has any weakness, it’s his lack of speed. He’s never able to get to the villain in time and that means that he’ll never be able to reach Bass. Bass is one of the fastest beings in all of media and he could crush Leonard as soon as the match began. Bass wins.

Leonard vs Hange

Hange couldn’t take down many normal titans so how would she fare against a mecha one? Not very well considering the fact that Leonard’s White Knight form also has long range capabilities. Hange would be out of her depth in this round and she likely won’t be bouncing back from this loss. Leonard may have won his debut match, but how will he fare in the next round? Leonard wins.