Green Arrow vs Hange

Suggested by Sonic Hange is fairly athletic and with her 3D gear it would be tough for Green Arrow to land a hit on her ordinarily. Thing is, even those advantages won’t be enough here as Green Arrow once possessed the GL Power Ring for a brief time. His constructs would be able to easily break any weapon that she throws at him. The energy blasts also increase his attacking speed by a wide margin so Hange wouldn’t be able to come back from that. Green Arrow wins.

Green Arrow vs Gambit

Suggested by Anon Green Arrow is definitely really good with a bow, but I don’t think it’ll be enough to let him deal with Gambit. Gambits explosive abilities work with anything he can touch and that also applies to a Green Arrow’s arrows. I’m not sure what happens if Gambit touches an arrow that has electricity or a bomb version, but I believe he can absorb the kinetic energy of the latter. The former would be interesting to see, but with his athletic abilities it won’t really be a factor. Green Arrow is actually very proficient in hand to hand combat as well, but I’d give Gambit the slight edge here. Furthermore, having actual powers gives him an edge as well. Gambit wins.

Gallantmon vs Green Arrow

Green Arrow has his arrows at the ready and he’s a decent hand to hand fighter, but he’s just not strong enough to take Gallantmon down for the count. Gallantmon has defeated many powerful opponents in the past and he has a nice arsenal of weapons at his disposal. Green Arrow won’t survive being hit by Gallantmon’s attacks. Gallantmon wins.

Green Arrow vs Batman

Batman has a lot of tech at his disposal and Green Arrow just won’t be a match for him. Batman’s a lot smarter in combat and he’s definitely a better fighter. Batman’s got his GL Power Ring at the ready to make sure that Green Arrow doesn’t stand a chance. Batman’s experience will be too much for Green Arrow and he’s just the stronger individual. Maybe Green Arrow can at least give him a decent fight. Batman wins.

Green Arrow vs Speedy

Speedy is pretty good with arrows, but he doesn’t have the experience that Green Arrow has. Green Arrow has been around for a long time and he’s even taken on Batman. That’s pretty impressive and it shows that Archers don’t just need to use arrows. Speedy is a lot quicker, but Green Arrow has his armor and sword skills to tip the balance in his favor. Green Arrow wins.

Green Lantern vs Green Arrow

Green Lantern is a being of intense power and with a single shot he’s taken down many opponents. Green Arrow has a large array of arrows at his disposal. None of them will be able to do much damage to Green Lantern so in the end it doesn’t really help. Green Arrow takes a loss in this round. Green Lantern wins.