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Pac Man vs Zombie

Suggested by Destroyer A generic zombie isn’t going to do much against the Pac. Pac Man has dealt with many foes before and that even includes zombie ghosts if I’m remembering my Pac adventures correctly. A zombie is outgunned and way out of his league in a fight like this. Pac Man won’t even have to try all that hard to take him down for the count. It’ll simply come naturally. Pac Man wins.

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Ben 10 vs Zombie

Ben 10 is back and now he’s up against a zombie! Zombies can be pretty deadly creatures and all, but in the end I don’t think that it will be enough to beat Ben 10. Ben 10 has far too many powers at his disposal and with a single blast he can take many opponents down. Ben 10 wins.

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Mickey Mouse vs Zombie

Mickey Mouse is back and this is pretty much an easy win for him seeing as how the Zombies are so slow. They can’t hope to win in this match. Mickey Mouse just has far too many skills at his disposal. Zombie takes a loss and drops down the blog ranks. He’ll be back someday, but not today. Mickey Mouse wins.

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Gemini Saga vs Zombie

Gemini Saga has powers that let him take down nearly any being in all of media. His abilities continue to impress and he shows why he’s been winning for a couple of matches straight. This may be Zombie’s debut match, but in the end it’s not enough for him to take the win. Gemini Saga wins.