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Lubba vs Ant

Suggested by Destroyer Lubba is a pretty big star sprite but I still don’t like his odds against an Ant. Have you seen the film THEM? Those guys were not playing around and they could squash Lubba with ease. Lubba could dodge for a while but he wouldn’t really be dealing any damage so eventually he would get tired and be brought down for the count. Ant wins.

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Green Goblin vs Lubba

Lubba doesn’t have a chance, but at least he never gives up when the going gets tough. Lubba is a fighter and that’s definitely not going to change! One pumpkin bomb would likely defeat Lubba and if not, Green Goblin is a better hand to hand fighter. This is just the start for Green Goblin as he will be returning very soon. Green Goblin wins.

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Vakishim vs Lubba

Lubba is back, but I’m afraid that it’s not for a win! Vakishim is just too strong and one good blast of fire should be enough to take Lubba down. Lubba doesn’t have enough defense to take the blasts for long and will eventually take a loss. It’s unfortunate for him, but that’s the incredible power of Vakishim. Vakishim wins.

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Rainbow Dash vs Lubba

9234 - artist-Stinkehund cloud rainbow_dash
Rainbow Dash is back and she’s up against Lubba! Lubba may seem like a pretty tough guy, but can he hope to defeat someone as powerful as Rainbow Dash? Rainbow Dash has the massive speed advantage and one good hit should be enough to take Lubba down for the count. Lubba drops down the blog ranks with this loss. Rainbow Dash wins.