Vakishim vs Waluigi

Suggested by Destroyer Vakishim is a pretty powerful kaiju so that means that Waluigi is doomed here. The guy has a lot of heart and good meme potential, but he’s not ready to take the win here. Vakishim just needs to power up his laser blast and win this round in a single blow. There’s really not a whole lot that Waluigi can do to stop him or even to prolong the match. Vakishim wins.

Vakishim vs King Kong

Suggested by Destroyer King Kong is one of the most well known monsters of all time. He is a truly fierce opponent. That being said, this will not be enough to take down a Kaiju like Vakishim. Vakishim is in his own league of power. He can blast away at King Kong from afar or get up close and overpower him. King Kong’s best incarnation would give him the edge in raw strength, but it’s not enough. Vakishim wins.

Vakishim vs Mettaur

Suggested by Destroyer Mettaur is a fun enemy and with their helmet they actually can block some attacks which makes them way more useful than other minions. These guys can actually make you pause and take a step back for a second while other enemies would just crumble before you. None of this takes away from the fact that Vakishim can quickly blast Mettaur into oblivion when the match starts, but it’s at least a consolation right? Mettaur will go down with dignity. Vakishim wins.

Vakishim vs Pickman

Suggested by Destroyer Pickman can swing his little pickaxe around, but it’s not like that’s really going to do anything. Vakishim’s exterior is way too durable for that to even cause any damage. He’ll be able to shoot his energy blasts from afar with such range and power that Pickman will be gone before he can even get into combat range. That really doesn’t bode well for the fighter. Maybe Pickman will have better luck next year with a power up of some kind. He could certainly use one. Vakishim wins.

Vakishim vs Goomba

Suggested by Destroyer Goomba is one of the most well known enemies in all of fiction. The guy has been around since the very beginning and while he may loose every match that he is in the guy never loses heart. He is absolutely outgunned in every match but still manages to stay strong and keeps on trying to make a name for himself. If that isn’t true dedication then I don’t know what is. It won’t be enough to win though. Vakishim wins.

Vakishim vs Chunk

Suggested by Destroyer The Chunk won’t fare much better against Vakishim than Howard did. What holds the Chunk back so much is the fact that he can’t really fight all that well. The guy has his gems that he can spit out and teleportation but what can that do to a powerful Kaiju like Vakishim? Vakishim has the overwhelming edge in power here and won’t let Chunk forget that for an instance. A single energy blast will end this match. Vakishim wins.

Vakishim vs Howard Aguello

Suggested by Destroyer Vakishim is a pretty powerful Kaiju and not a beast to be underestimated. He has given Ultraman a pretty powerful fight back in the day and certainly hasn’t gotten any weaker since then. Howard will have to be very careful since his gun will only be able to do so much against such a powerful opponent. Honestly it probably wouldn’t even make a scratch on Vakishim so Howard is really doomed right from the start. His only option here is to surrender. Vakishim wins.

Three Giant Snakes vs Vakishim

Suggested by Destroyer The Three Giant Snakes are pretty strong. They were able to break into the Hidden Leaf Village after all and took down many of the guards. That being said, Vakishim could have easily matched that feat due to his impressive size and raw power. He can even break the sky which is an absolutely crazy feat. The Three Giant Snakes don’t have anything like that in their arsenal and with no projectiles to protect them, it is definitely game over. Vakishim wins.

Vakishim vs Lenalee

Vakishim is certainly a very powerful Kaiju who can even rip holes in the sky. There aren’t too many fighters who can stop him when the Kaiju is on a roll, but it just so happens that Lenalee is one of them. There will be no way for him to dodge any of Lenalee’s attacks. Her kicks pack quite the punch and her speed is impressive. That’s before you even consider the fact that Vakishim’s not exactly known for his speed. Lenalee is strong enough to stop Vakishim and quick enough to pull it off. Lenalee wins.

Vakishim vs Ebirah

Vakishim is a powerful Kaiju and we’ve already seen him take quite a few wins on the blog. This will continue since Ebirah isn’t powerful enough to stop this Kaiju. Vakishim is just on a different level and he will be able to crush the sea monster in close quarters combat. Ebirah continues to be defeated by his opponents with this match! Vakishim wins.