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Hedorah vs Pokey

Suggested by Destroyer Hedorah is known as one of the strongest Kaiju out there. He was easily defeating Godzilla in their first battle. Pokey really wouldn’t last long here as Hedorah can just assimilate him. Hedorah can also just jump on top of Pokey and that would be the end of the match. What hurts Pokey here is the fact that he isn’t a very mobile fighter. What this means is that Pokey can’t dodge any of Hedorah’s one hit KO moves. Hedorah wins.

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Hedorah vs Lady Sif

Suggested by Destroyer Lady Sif is a strong warrior so the question here is really whether or not her attacks will beat Hedorah before he gets a luck shot in. I’m inclined to say that she has this match in the bag. She may not have a lot of fancy super powers, but she is an Asgardian and so she possesses natural super strength. Her weapons are also crafted to be quite deadly and so the slices will hurt Hedorah. He will simply be hacked until he is no longer able to remain standing. Lady Sif wins.

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Hedorah vs Prunella

Suggested by Destroyer Prunella is an earnest student who is always doing her best to keep fighting the good fight and to learn more. She is a nice character, but one who ultimately did not stand even a remote chance against someone as powerful as Hedorah. Hedorah is a powerful Kaiju with abilities that are so vast he could win this fight and not even realize it. Humans are literally beneath his notice. Hedorah wins.

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Hedorah vs Havok

Suggested by Destroyer This is one match where Hedorah will ultimately falter. Havok is a very underrated Marvel character and that’s because he is usually written to be either a petty character or an inferior version of Cyclops. Despite this he is still a powerful fighter and his concussion blasts will have Hedorah down for the count. The fact that Havok can freely emit his blasts will make it all the easier to hit Hedorah with. Havok wins.

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Hedorah vs April

Suggested by Destroyer April has had a long career of following the turtles. In that time she has earned some basic weapons to defend herself with and she even knows hand to hand. This would go far against some opponents but Hedorah isn’t one of those. He will very quickly take her down no matter what strategy she walks in with. This is what true power looks like, it is simply the ability to take whatever the opponent throws at you while continuing to the goal. Hedorah wins.

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Hedorah vs Green Hornet

Suggested by Destroyer The Green Hornet is a decent fighter. He has been able to defeat Batman in the past so you definitely can’t underestimate his hand to hand skills. That being said, he isn’t quite ready to take down a monster like Hedorah. Hedorah is still one of the strongest monsters that Godzilla has ever faced and that’s a pretty impressive fact. He would simply roll over the Hornet and that would be the end of the match. Hedorah wins.

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Hedorah vs King Bob Omb

Suggested by Destroyer King Bob Omb is an iconic Mario villain and I can definitely say that he is one of the better ones. He made for a fun boss fight and does have some super strength. Still, I don’t really think that will be quite enough to take down a Kaiju like Hedorah. Hedorah was crushing Godzilla when they first fought and since then he hasn’t gotten any weaker. This will be a quick fight and I believe Hedorah should win with a single blow. Hedorah wins.

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Hedorah vs Polar Bear

Suggested by Destroyer This Polar Bear is a pretty tough animal. You shouldn’t underestimate their endurance or adaptibility. That being said, Hedorah has the advantage here. He’s considerably larger than the bear and has enough raw power to end the match in an instant. One blow will take the Polar Bear down for the count and there is no way that the animal will be fast enough to dodge such a hit. Meanwhile he could attack Hedorah all day and deal no damage. Hedorah wins.

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Hedorah vs Ant

Suggested by Destroyer Hedorah is one of the strongest Kaiju of all time. He was completely dominating Godzilla when they first fought and that’s no small feat. The Ants are strong in numbers and they can grow to huge heights as well, but one on one there is no way an Ant can take down Hedorah. The difference in their abilities is absolutely massive. Hedorah can’t even be injured by the Ant. Hedorah wins.

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Hedorah vs Howard Aguello

Suggested by Destroyer Hedorah is back and now he’s here to try and take Howard down as well. Howard has a gun so at least he’s packing heat, but that won’t be enough to take down Hedorah. Hedorah just completely dominates Howard in all relevant combat categories. He can just fall down on Howard and that would end the match in an instant. I’m sorry Howard, but it’s just not your day. Hedorah wins.