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Rhedosaurus vs Pokey

Suggested by Destroyer The Rhedosaurus has returned once again and he clearly isn’t taking any prisoners. The Pokey won’t be able to do much here and he doesn’t have enough speed to run away for long either. The Rhedosaurus can cover ground a lot quicker than Pokey and when you mix that in with his superior attack power then that doesn’t really spell good news for the Mario villain. Pokey is 100 years too early to be challenging this kaiju. Rhedosaurus wins.

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Kamacuras vs Pokey

Suggested by Destroyer I always liked the Pokey monsters from the Mario series. Sure, they may not be all that powerful, but they come through when it counts. While their individual abilities may be weak, they more then make up for this with skill and technique. Bending over and slamming opponents with his head is how Pokey typically wins, but that may not even leave a scratch on this opponent. Kamacuras wins.

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Biollante vs Pokey

Suggested by Destroyer A Pokey is a pretty tough Mario villain. He’s always around to cause a little chaos and tends to take the advantage in a fight. That being said, this is one match where sheer size can make a difference. What is a Pokey going to realistically do against someone like Biollante? She can just squash the poor villain or fire off a quick acid blast. Either way I don’t see the Pokey getting up after all of that. Biollante wins.

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Rodan vs Pokey

rodan (1)
Pokeys are as resilient as they are resourceful. That being said…I don’t really think that they will be able to pull out a win here. Rodan is a lot larger than any Pokey and he can even fire off a few energy blasts if needed. Rodan has now gotten 2 wins in one day so it’s safe to say that he’s moving up the blog ranks. Rodan wins.

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King Bob Omb vs Pokey

King Bob Omb is a pretty tough character. He has enough physical strength too throw Mario off of mountains! Pokey can move pretty slowly, but still knows how too fight. Of course without arms he won’t be getting a hit on King Bob Omb. King Bob Omb wins this match with pure skill! King Bob Omb wins.