Kamacuras vs Lelouch

Kamacuras is not one of the tougher Kaiju out there, but he is still a formidable beast. He has a lot of power and can fly at a quick speed. Still, that won’t be enough to stop Lelouch. While Lelouch’s eyes won’t be a factor here, he still does have a fairly quick robot suit which he can use to fly rings around this insect. Kamacuras will get blasted by his many armaments and eventually they will take him down for the count. Kamacuras won’t be able to counter attack. Lelouch wins.


Kamacuras vs Chunk

Suggested by Destroyer Kamacuras may not be the most popular Kaiju out there, but I have to admit that the creature has heart. You’d never see him throw in the towel early on. He’ll fight til the end, but that won’t be necessary here as the Chunk will have a hard time even dealing any damage. When you see a Kaiju heading your way the only correct answer is to high tail it out of there. Chunk just needs to surrender and save himself some time. Kamacuras wins.

Howard Aguello vs Kamacuras

Howard Aguello is back and he’s ready for some action. Unfortunately, his running skills won’t be enough to stand up to an opponent like Kamacuras. Kamacuras is still a Kaiju after all and his abilities should not be underestimated. His punishing attacks will really leave opponents guessing and one hit is all that he needs. Kamacuras wins.

Kamacuras vs Thor

Kamacuras is pretty powerful and he knows it! Of course he’s never been a match for Thor now has he? Thor is much stronger than Kamacuras and is also much faster. Kamacuras has shown his speed in the past, but I’m afraid it’s just not gonna be enough. Thor rises up the ranks with this win. Thor wins.

Kamacuras vs Superman

Kamacuras is one of those giant monsters who can give many a big fight! With one slash he can do some massive damage, but of course it won’t be enough to take down Superman in the end. Superman is ultimately fast and also ultimately powerful. With this match he gets another win. Superman wins.

Kamacuras vs Goku

Kamacuras is pretty powerful so it only makes sense that he’d be back! Of course he’s now fighting with the likes of Goku so this will be a quick loss. One Kamehameha wave and that will be the end of Kamacuras. At least he tried and that’s the important part. Goku wins.

Kamacuras vs Prunella

Prunella may be a human, but she can probably fight a bit. Of course Kamacuras is pretty fast and can tackle. Prunella just can’t defeat such a powerful monster. Kamacuras was even able to take on Minya back in his day. With this win Kamacuras rises up the blog ranks and shows everyone why he’s so tough. Kamacuras wins.

Silver Sonic 2 vs Kamacuras

Silver Sonic 2 has super speed and super strength. His abilities are pretty impressive and Silver Sonic 2 just can’t take them on. Silver Sonic 2 has done some pretty impressive feats like chasing Eggman out of the city in the past! Kamacuras takes a loss, but he’ll be back in the near future. Silver Sonic 2 wins.

Kamacuras vs Havok

Kamacuras is powerful, but in the end he can’t take down Havok. Havok has energy blasts of epic proportions and takes down Kamacuras quickly. Havok has showed abilities too great to even think about. His can emit energy all around him to prevent attacks from going thorugh. Kamacuras is doomed. Havok wins.

Kamacuras vs Fred

Kamacuras takes this match as well. Fred Jones may be an experienced fighter, but he lacks the firepower needed to take down Kamacuras. Kamacuras is just too fast and too powerful. Fred may not even be able to find him if he camouflages. Kamacuras is just that impressive and rises up the ranks. Kamacuras wins.