Kamacuras vs War Wolf

Suggested by Destroyer Finally Kamacuras shows up to face off against War Wolf. He’s one of the quicker Kaiju so that definitely helps him out in this struggle. War Wolf’s attacks still won’t be doing much of anything and that’s what is going to cost him here. Kamacuras won’t be able to win right away but landing an attack shouldn’t take too long either since he’s no slouch in the speed department. Ultimately he will be ready to claim his victory. Kamacuras wins.

Kumonga vs War Wolf

Suggested by Destroyer War Wolf continues his string of battles against the various Kaiju. Now he is up against a Kaiju who does not have an energy blast so that will make things very interesting here. It gives War Wolf a bit of an opening especially since the webbing won’t really do any good. It’s pretty much a battle of an unmovable object who can’t really be hurt vs a speedy opponent who can’t be tagged. It all comes down to how long it’ll take Kumonga to land a hit. In this case since War Wolf’s stamina won’t be endless, he will ultimately slow down and then Kumonga will finish things. Kumonga wins.

Hedorah vs War Wolf

Suggested by Destroyer Hedorah is probably one of the most underrated Godzilla opponents. His energy blast is quite fierce and he was wrecking Godzilla in their first encounter. The War Wolf is resourceful to be sure, but won’t be able to do nearly enough against Hedorah to win this round. Hedorah can just absorb the War Wolf or take him out with the energy blast. Either method should work out pretty quickly and without any real risk to the Kaiju. Hedorah wins.

Godzilla Junior vs War Wolf

Suggested by Destroyer Godzilla Junior will end up taking this round in a similar fashion as Biollante. It’ll be hard for War Wolf’s attacks to really deal much damage to a Kaiju like this. Additionally Junior only really needs one solid attack to end this. While his atomic breath isn’t nearly as powerful as Godzilla’s it should still do the trick. War Wolf won’t be able to get up after that and while the creature is fast, it won’t be able to dodge forever. Godzilla Junior wins.

Biollante vs War Wolf

Suggested by Destroyer The War Wolf is a pretty resourceful creature that will keep coming after you until it finally scores a win. That being said, they’re not very durable. Their regenerative abilities help to counter this but against a Kaiju the size of Biollante I don’t see that being very helpful. Biollante could wipe them away without a trace after firing one of her mega lasers. Nothing will survive such a powerful incineration blast. Biollante wins.

Storm Trooper vs War Wolf

Suggested by Sonic A Storm Trooper is one of those fighters that you would expect to be a whole lot more powerful than he is. He’s got armor and a laser blaster. How is that not enough to win the big fights? Well, somehow or another they always go down quickly and this match will be no different. A pack of Warwolves were sent to take down the Phoenix so even if it’s just one of them, taking down a Storm Trooper will be no problem. War Wolf wins.

Marshadow vs War Wolf

A War Wolf is pretty tough but really they are only a threat when in a large group. One of them taking on Marshadow is simply not going to be enough. Marshadow is vastly more powerful a single shadow punch should end the round. I don’t see War Wolf getting up after taking a direct hit there. At most this wolf can probably run and dodge for a little while, but ultimately I expect that Marshadow is faster. Marshadow wins.

Warwolf vs War Wolf

War Wolf and Warwolf are pretty similar. Warwolf is tough and has a gun, but from what I’ve seen of War Wolf he packs a punch and is able to move pretty stealthily. He means buisness. Warwolf will put up a decent fight, but in the end he’s taken down by War Wolf. War Wolf rises in the rankings. War Wolf wins.