Kumonga vs War Wolf

Suggested by Destroyer War Wolf continues his string of battles against the various Kaiju. Now he is up against a Kaiju who does not have an energy blast so that will make things very interesting here. It gives War Wolf a bit of an opening especially since the webbing won’t really do any good. It’s pretty much a battle of an unmovable object who can’t really be hurt vs a speedy opponent who can’t be tagged. It all comes down to how long it’ll take Kumonga to land a hit. In this case since War Wolf’s stamina won’t be endless, he will ultimately slow down and then Kumonga will finish things. Kumonga wins.

Luke Skywalker vs Kumonga

Suggested by iKnowledge Luke Skywalker is a powerful Jedi. In fact it is fair to say that he is one of the strongest Jedi to ever pick up a Lightsaber. Kumonga is a powerful Kaiju, but he isn’t ready to deal with power on that level. Luke can use his force abilities to keep Kumonga at bay or to assist him in dodging any possible attacks. From there a few swings should quickly seal the deal. As formidable as Kumonga is, he simply isn’t ready to deal with such a versatile opponent. Luke Skywalker wins.

Kumonga vs Pokey

Suggested by Destroyer Pokey is a pretty fun Mario enemy but he is definitely outmatched against a huge Kaiju like Kumonga. Kumonga can just shoot some web and it would probably have enough force to knock Pokey out. Alternately he can swing one of his legs and take Pokey down as well. Pokey is a resourceful fighter who can split himself up but ultimately doesn’t have a wide array of attacks. His only real option is to try to slam into Kumonga and such an attack would ultimately be counter intuitive here. Kumonga wins.

Kumonga vs Ebirah

This is a bit of a tricky match since none of these guys are top tier Godzilla fighters. That being said, I would give the edge to Ebirah. That’s a decently controversial move, but Ebirah can really do some damage with his pincers. Kumonga’s arms aren’t enough to counter that and he’s in no position to dodge Ebirah’s strikes. Only his web would have helped and it won’t slow Ebirah down. Ebirah wins.

King Caesar vs Kumonga

This is a battle of two powerful Kaiju, but I’m afraid that Kumonga is just a little outmatched here. He can’t try to grab or throw King Caesar since he’s not much of a hand to hand fighter and King Caesar should be able to weave his way through Kumonga’s tangled webs. I don’t want to underestimate the fearless spider…but I just don’t see him winning here. King Caesar wins.

Choomba vs Kumonga

A Choomba is a pretty fun Mario enemy. It’s pretty terrifying to look at and yet you can’t help, but fear the determination in its eyes. That’s a true warrior and Kumonga will need to win this one in one shot if it wants to get out of this fight alive. Luckily, that should be a pretty easy feat for the Kaiju. He is much larger and he’s more powerful as well. Kumonga wins.

Kumonga vs Polar Bear

Polar Bears are fun to watch, but they don’t really have what it takes to defeat a Kaiju. Kaiju are legendary because of their raw power and the size difference is also worth looking at. I don’t want to take any credit away from the Polar Bear, but he just doesn’t have a chance here. A single blow from Kumonga is liable to end this match. Kumonga wins.

Kumonga vs Python

A Python is a tough animal to be sure, but it’s just not tough enough to take out a Kaiju. I’d be the first person in line to admit that Kumonga is not one of the stronger Kaiju out there, but he’s more than a match for any natural animal. His size and strength guarantee that most opponents simply don’t stand a chance against him. Kumonga wins.

Prince Haru vs Kumonga

Prince Haru doesn’t have the greatest record on the blog and I have a feeling that this round isn’t really going to help matters! Kumonga has gone up against the King of the Monsters in the past. Compared to Godzilla, Prince Haru won’t really seem like a threat to the spider. I would recommend for Prince Haru to quit while he was ahead, but he never really got to be in the lead. Kumonga wins.

Kumonga vs Prunella

Kumonga is back once again and now he just needs one good punch to defeat Prunella. Prunella is pretty smart for her age. Kumonga takes a win with this round and shows the world that you should never underestimate giant spiders. Prunella takes a tough loss in this round. Kumonga wins.