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Hedorah vs King Bob Omb

Suggested by Destroyer King Bob Omb is an iconic Mario villain and I can definitely say that he is one of the better ones. He made for a fun boss fight and does have some super strength. Still, I don’t really think that will be quite enough to take down a Kaiju like Hedorah. Hedorah was crushing Godzilla when they first fought and since then he hasn’t gotten any weaker. This will be a quick fight and I believe Hedorah should win with a single blow. Hedorah wins.

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Godzilla Junior vs King Bob Omb

Suggested by Destroyer Godzilla Junior is back once more and this time he’s actually got the edge in combat. King Bob Omb is mighty, but he isn’t quite ready to deal with a Kaiju like Junior. Junior is really holding the keys to the kingdom in this matchup and I don’t think he’ll be defeated so easily. A single Atomic Breath blast should end this fight and maybe this will be how he earns his crown. Godzilla Junior wins.

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Rhedosaurus vs King Bob Omb

Suggested by Destroyer The Rhedosaurus is a pretty big monster who can squash just about anyone with a single stomp. The King Bob Omb is able to lift and throw Mario quite easily so he’s definitely strong in his own right, but I don’t think he has quite enough power to win this round. Exploding won’t help either so any way you look at it this is the Rhedosaurus’ match to lose. Rhedosaurus wins.

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Kamacuras vs King Bob Omb

Suggested by Destroyer King Bob Omb is a pretty tough guy, but this is one of those cases where a little super strength just won’t be enough to cut it. Kamacuras is a proud Kaiju and while he may not be the strongest of the lot, he still has the size and power to keep his foes off balance. King Bob Omb will quickly see that he is outmatched here and that’ll be game over for him. His attack options are too limited. Kamacuras wins.

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King Bob Omb vs Predator

Suggested by Destroyer I gotta admit, King Bob Omb is one of the more hardcore villains in the Mario franchise. He throws you off of a mountain if you even look at him the wrong way and he is completely fearless. His physical power is no joke either but he has no projectiles and that is definitely a problem here. The Predator can just snipe him from afar and then it’s game over. There isn’t really much that the King Bob Omb can do about it and the Predator has hunted tougher prey before. Predator wins.

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King Bob Omb vs Biollante

The King is finally back on the blog, but he’s just a little outmatched here. His super strength is enough to make his opponents wince, but Biollante isn’t your average fighter. Her acid blasts will keep the King at bay and his explosion tactic would not be a wise move here. He simply won’t be able to get close to her. Biollante wins.

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King Bob Omb vs Mario

King Bob Omb is a pretty tough fighter, but he lacks Mario’s hand to hand skills. Mario’s just the better fighter and it’s about time the world got to see it on the blog! King Bob Omb can throw Mario off of a whole mountain, but since Mario can fly it matters little. Mario’s too strong to lose this round. Mario wins.

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King Bob Omb vs Gamera

King Bob Omb is a pretty formidable opponent, but he’s never faced anyone quite like Gamera. Gamera has his fireballs and with them he can lite the fuse on King Bob Omb and blow him up. Or just one shot him with a good punch. King Bob Omb is just not on the same level as Gamera. Gamera will be back. Gamera wins.

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King Bob Omb vs Pokey

King Bob Omb is a pretty tough character. He has enough physical strength too throw Mario off of mountains! Pokey can move pretty slowly, but still knows how too fight. Of course without arms he won’t be getting a hit on King Bob Omb. King Bob Omb wins this match with pure skill! King Bob Omb wins.