Thor vs Alien Queen

Suggested by Jean The Alien Queen is a powerful monster. Certainly much stronger than any of the normal Xenomorphs. That being said, that’s still nothing compared to most of the big opponents that Thor has taken down. Thor still has the absolute edge in both attack power and speed. No matter what the Alien Queen may try to do I don’t see her being strong enough to take Thor down for the count. At the end of the day Thor is also faster and has long range options at his disposal. A quick bolt of thunder will end this. Thor wins.

Vakishim vs Alien Queen

Suggested by Destroyer The Alien Queen is powerful, but I don’t think anyone really thinks she would be able to defeat a Kaiju right? Vakishim is so powerful that he was able to break a hole in the sky. That’s the kind of power that not just anybody could hope to resist. The Alien Queen would quickly fall. Vakishim could claim victory physically or choose to use energy blasts but either way the end result will still be the same. There is no escaping this opponent. Vakishim wins.

Alien Queen vs Fishbone D

Suggested by Destroyer The Alien queen was a pretty powerful Xenomorph. It’s stronger and faster than the average one but that won’t be enough to stop Fishbone D. Part of what makes Fishbone D a powerful opponent to get past is the fact that he is strong and fast. It’s hard to deal a finishing blow to the guy since he can always retreat to Hueco Mundo to heal. He won’t get the opportunity to do so in this fight but he won’t need to. He still has the advantage in both strength and speed. At the end of the day those are the only advantages that you really need in a fight. Fishbone D wins.

Alien Queen vs Pokey

Suggested by Destroyer The Alien Queen is a pretty powerful fighter and one that should not be underestimated. Her physical power is on a completely different level next to Pokey’s. I’d like to see him try to make this an even fight. A single slash or bite from the Queen would end things and she is also a lot faster than Pokey which makes the situation all that much more hopeless. At the end of the day there just isn’t much that he can do to resist her abilities and his losing streak may not end here. Pokey just isn’t that powerful. Alien Queen wins.

Alien Queen vs Godzilla

The Alien Queen may be a pretty tough creature, but she doesn’t stand a chance against the King of the Monsters! Godzilla has defeated opponents that were far more powerful than the Alien Queen and he has done this without breaking a sweat. Godzilla is truly a fearsome Kaiju and he will be back to fight again soon. Godzilla wins.

Destoroyah vs Alien Queen

Destoroyah is back and now he’s up against the Alien Queen! The Alien Queen is quick and strong, but in the end she won’t be able to defeat Destoroyah. Destoroyah’s gravity abilities will be far too much for the Alien Queen to withstand for long. Destoroyah will be back soon. Destoroyah wins.

Alien Queen vs Python

Alien Queen is back with another win. Python is a snake, but he still can’t take down the Alien Queen. The Alien Queen is just a more brutal fighter than the Python and is also faster. Python falls down the ranks with this loss. The Alien Queen will be back soon and will maybe get some more wins. Alien Queen wins.

Alien Queen vs Ant

Alien Queen is back, but she’s not quite back to pwn…….much! Ants may be powerful and tricky, but in the end they still can’t take out an Alien Queen. Alien Queen is a fighter who can take out many fighters as if it were nothing. Ant drops down the ranks with this loss. Alien Queen wins.