Pinkie Pie vs Python

Suggested by Destroyer A Python is a pretty deadly snake but not one that will give Pinkie Pie a lot of trouble. She’s certainly gone up against deadlier opponents in her days and lived to tell about them. She has her human form with some magical abilities as well as her Party Cannon from Equestria. A Python isn’t really much of a fighter so even if it tries to escape I don’t see things going very well for it. Pinkie Pie just has too many options at her disposal so she’ll be able to find a sound way to win by the end. Pinkie Pie wins.

Jirass vs Python

Suggested by Destroyer A Python is a pretty impressive snake to be sure. They can grow to be quite large so most animals absolutely do not want to mess with them. That being said, Jirass is well equipped to handle any such opponent. A single chomp or tackle would take down most opponents who get in his way. A Python is a fairly skilled animal but that just won’t be enough. Jirass can just fall on the Python and that would end this match in an instant. Jirass wins.

Rainbow Dash vs Python

Suggested by Destroyer Pythons are pretty tricky snakes who are always ready for a fight. That being said, a snake is not nearly as fast as Rainbow Dash. Dash has the advantage of speed on her side and has also been in combat situations against actual super villains. I’d say that this means Python is completely out of luck, but I’m sure he’ll still put up a good effort. It just won’t be enough. Rainbow Dash wins.

Pac Man vs Python

Suggested by Destroyer A Python is a pretty cool snake. It just looks really cool and that also makes it a good inspiration to a lot of film writers so you tend to see it used from time to time. I’m sure there’s a film about a giant Python somewhere but even with that it wouldn’t be able to stop someone like Pac Man. His long range throws are the perfect counter here. Pac Man wins.

Hedorah vs Python

Suggested by Destroyer Hedorah is a tough Kaiju. He is so powerful in fact that on one occasion he even nearly managed to destroy the big G once and for all. Pythons are scary because they can move suddenly and there is no defense against a well placed bite. That being said, that isn’t really a concern for a giant Kaiju. Just think about it logically, what’s a Python going to do against such a formidable opponent? Hedorah wins.

Python vs Lara Croft

Suggested by Destroyer The Python is an iconic snake with abilities far greater than what you may suspect. However, it cannot deal with Lara’s long range options like the bow. She just needs one good shot to end this fight and with her remarkable aim that will not be very difficult at all. Lara is certainly moving up in the rankings with these wins. Lara Croft wins.

Raphael vs Python

It’s definitely pretty surprising to see Raphael here since he’s a pretty good character. Somehow he just wasn’t strong enough to beat any of his opponents prior to this match. Well, that all changes against the Python. Snakes are pretty cool and they have a lot of fun trivia to back them up, but that won’t help against a ninja master like Raph. A few good hits is all this turtle is going to need to win the fight. Raphael wins.

Kumonga vs Python

A Python is a tough animal to be sure, but it’s just not tough enough to take out a Kaiju. I’d be the first person in line to admit that Kumonga is not one of the stronger Kaiju out there, but he’s more than a match for any natural animal. His size and strength guarantee that most opponents simply don’t stand a chance against him. Kumonga wins.

Python vs Biollante

It’s time to see Biollante earn another win as she cruises through this round. It’s really hard to think of any good argument for the Python since Biollante outranks it in just about every battle category. This match would be over very quickly and Biollante fans are likely pleased to see her winning so much. Biollante wins.

Godzilla Junior vs Python

Godzilla Junior is back for another win. Pythons are deadly creatures and with one bite can take down some opponents. Of course a bite probably wouldn’t do much to Godzilla Junior, and he wouldn’t even get to bite him. One Atomic Blast ought to get Godzilla Junior the win in this round. Godzilla Junior wins.