Wybie Lovat vs Raphael

Suggested by Destroyer Wybie is a nice kid but he’s not a fighter. Raphael is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and has gone up against every kind of opponent you can think of. Wybie won’t really be able to keep up here and Raph will be able to take him down without even turning this into a fight. This match is incredibly one sided so Wybie has no real chance of success. His best hope is appearing in the future in a sequel movie where he gets super powers or something like that. Raphael wins.

Raphael vs Python

It’s definitely pretty surprising to see Raphael here since he’s a pretty good character. Somehow he just wasn’t strong enough to beat any of his opponents prior to this match. Well, that all changes against the Python. Snakes are pretty cool and they have a lot of fun trivia to back them up, but that won’t help against a ninja master like Raph. A few good hits is all this turtle is going to need to win the fight. Raphael wins.

Kimberly Ann Hart vs Raphael

Kimberly Ann Hart makes her debut onto the blog with this round and Raphael may not stand a chance. He does have some pretty good close combat skills, but Kimberly Ann Hart has her bow so she’s a threat from long range as well. Once she’s on her shark motorcycle, Raphael will have a very tough time trying to keep up with her. Kimberly Ann Hart wins.

Trini Kwan vs Raphael

Trini Kwan is the next Power Ranger who will be taking on the ninja turtles. Raphael is pretty good at hand to hand combat, but I still have to say that he is outmatched in this fight. Trini is simply the better fighter since her hand to hand skills are backed up by a trusty blaster. I just don’t see Raphael coming out on top. Trini Kwan wins.

Billy Cranston vs Raphael

Billy Cranston is one of the big Power Rangers and his hand to hand skills are matched only by his Blade Blaster. I really don’t believe that Raphael would be able to dodge such an impressive weapon for long and it will ultimately lead to his defeat. Raphael may not be winning this round, but the important thing is that he’s giving it his all. Billy Cranston wins.

Zack Taylor vs Raphael

Zack Taylor makes his debut on the blog with this round and it’s time for him to finish off what Jason started. Raphael won’t be able to overcome Taylor’s hand to hand expertise and Zack also has a Zord at the ready if the worst comes to worst. Zack starts off his blog career with a solid victory and he’ll definitely be back. Zack Taylor wins.

Jason Lee Scott vs Raphael

Jason Lee Scott was the original Red Power Ranger and his skills are definitely formidable. Raphael may be about as good as Jason in hand to hand combat, but I believe that Jason’s sword and zords will give him the edge. Raphael isn’t used to dealing with that kind of power so it’s safe to say that he’s outmatched. Jason Lee Scott wins.

Raphael vs Sonic

Raphael is an accomplished weapon fighter, but while he’s good in close quarters combat, long range abilities aren’t one of his strengths. Sonic can speedblitz him all day by moving at incredible speeds and using his legendary abilities. Raphael drops down the blog ranks with this loss. Sonic wins.

Raphael vs Yuffie

Yuffie is a true ninja and could defeat Raphael with ease. Raphael may have his weapons, but in the end they won’t be enough to stop Yuffie’s shruiken. Yuffie is just far more skilled than Raphael will ever be. Raphael isn’t much of a fighter when you think about it. Yuffie wins.

Update 9/28/2019 with the Saint Turtle form Raphael will be able to win this match. Raphael wins.

Spiderman 2099 vs Raphael

Raphael may be a fighter, but he lacks the skills that Spiderman 2099 has. Spiderman 2099 has fought with the best of them and proven his skills each time. Raphael is tough, but he’s never proved anything against any decently strong villain. He takes a loss in this round. Spiderman 2099 wins.

Update 9/28/2019 with the Saint Turtle form Raphael will be able to win this match. Raphael wins.