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Guyver vs Trini Kwan

Suggested by Anonymous Trini is another fighter who is here to try to take on Guyver, but she won’t be any more successful. Her strengths revolve around hand to hand combat, but Guyver will make that difficult. He can stay from afar and fire energy blasts at her. Trini doesn’t have any good defenses against aerial combatants and she can only use her speed to dodge for so long. Without any effective counter attacks she will have lost the fight right from the start. Guyver wins.

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Trini Kwan vs Bass

Trini Kwan is pretty good at hand to hand combat, but she still wouldn’t be able to match up against the limitless power of Bass. Bass’ speed is just about unlimited and a single Earthbreaker attack would be enough to end things. Trini is good against street level opponents, but she couldn’t really take out many opponents beyond that. Bass wins.

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Michelangelo (1970s) vs Trini Kwan

Michelangelo (1970s) is a pretty tough turtle and he does have some pretty good close combat skills at his disposal. He manages to use his one liners to gain an advantage over the enemy, but it’ll be tough for that to overwhelm Trini. She definitely has a lot of options thanks to her blaster. Long range or close range, Trini is always ready! Trini Kwan wins.

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Trini Kwan vs Leonardo

Leonardo is a natural born leader so he definitely won’t go down easily no matter who he is up against. That being said, Trini has her blaster at the ready and she’s a decent hand to hand fighter as well. Overcoming that will take a lot of power and Leonardo just isn’t up to the task at the moment. Trini also has a Zord at the ready as a last resort. Trini Kwan wins.

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Trini Kwan vs Donatello

Trini Kwan is back and now she’s up against the smartest member of the turtles. Donatello is good with a staff and there are few fighters who can match up against him when the going gets tough. That being said, Trini Kwan would have the edge since Donatello would have a hard time dodging her blaster. They would eventually engage in hand to hand combat, but Donatello would not be able to get the edge. Trini Kwan wins.

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Trini Kwan vs Raphael

Trini Kwan is the next Power Ranger who will be taking on the ninja turtles. Raphael is pretty good at hand to hand combat, but I still have to say that he is outmatched in this fight. Trini is simply the better fighter since her hand to hand skills are backed up by a trusty blaster. I just don’t see Raphael coming out on top. Trini Kwan wins.