Drive Knight vs Leonardo

This is a tribute to the second TMNT film: Out of the Shadows. Unfortunately in this film Leonardo forgot what it meant to truly be a leader and ended up keeping some secrets from the other Turtles which did not work out very well. Drive Knight is also good at keeping secrets but he’s a loner anyway so it doesn’t really affect anyone else. In terms of raw power the gap between them is also immense. There would be no way for Leonardo to really deal out any damage. Drive Knight wins.

Utrominator vs Leonardo

Suggested by Sonic The Utrominator is a force to be reckoned with. His skills would put him roughly on par with any one of the turtles for a brief period of time. Ultimately Leonardo’s skills are superior though and he also has mystical abilities that would give him the decisive edge in combat. Utrominator simply won’t be able to keep up with him and will very quickly stay down for the count. Leonardo wins.

Midnighter vs Leonardo

Suggested by iKnowledgeMidnighter is an exceptional hand to hand combatant who can envision how a fight will go down before it even happens. In a pretty intense feat he explains that he can play out a fight in billions of different ways before it starts. It may be some hyperbole on his part, but the fact remains that the Midnighter has defeated opponents like the Martian Manhunter and has enough super strength to even injure Etrigan. Leonardo is strong, but considering Midnighter’s virtual pre-cog abilities in battle he won’t be able to land a square hit. Midnighter wins.

Update 9/28/2019 Leonardo has his Saint Turtle form which is strong enough to turn the tides. This cosmic power can’t be beat. Leonardo wins.

Crazy Hand vs Leonardo

Leonardo is a tough fighter, but he is more than a little outmatched by the Crazy Hand. Crazy Hand has a flurry of projectiles on his side like his power balls and missiles. Leonardo can’t cut those in half with his sword or if he does, Leonardo will not escape unscathed. The Crazy Hand has not been around for a while so it is good to see him make a comeback. Crazy Hand wins.

Update 9/28/2019 Leonardo has his Saint Turtle form which is strong enough to turn the tides. This cosmic power can’t be beat. Leonardo wins.

The BioLizard vs Leonardo

The BioLizard is a pretty tough monster whose speed isn’t quite as good as the ninja’s. Usually that would mean an auto win for Leonardo right? I’m afraid that this simply isn’t the case this time. The BioLizard’s large array of projectiles will prove to be far too difficult for Leonardo to cross. You can almost say that the wall is completely impenetrable and Leonardo will be forced to stay at a distance and eventually lose. The BioLizard wins.

Leonardo vs Adam Sharp


Adam Sharp is a pretty good agent so it’s safe to assume that he would already be aware of Leonardo’s sword abilities. That knowledge would prove useful if Adam Sharp was only a little faster. He won’t be able to dodge Leonardo’s attacks even if he knows that they’re about to hit him. In this case, the knowledge just won’t help him. Leonardo wins.

Kimberly Ann Hart vs Leonardo

Leonardo may have a sword at the ready, but it won’t faze Kimberly Ann Hart. She has been through many dangerous situations in the past and nothing will deter her at this point. Kimberly Ann Hart may end up being one of the more hardcore fighters on the blog and this match will only help her to rise up the ranks. Kimberly Ann Hart wins.

Trini Kwan vs Leonardo

Leonardo is a natural born leader so he definitely won’t go down easily no matter who he is up against. That being said, Trini has her blaster at the ready and she’s a decent hand to hand fighter as well. Overcoming that will take a lot of power and Leonardo just isn’t up to the task at the moment. Trini also has a Zord at the ready as a last resort. Trini Kwan wins.

Billy Cranston vs Leonardo

Leonardo is skilled with a sword, but he won’t be able to get past Billy’s blaster. Billy Cranston is an experienced fighter and he has a solid arsenal to back him up. Leonardo would last a while in a sword fight and I definitely wouldn’t count him out of a long range battle. The problem is that Leonardo doesn’t have many long range abilities to use. Billy Cranston wins.

Zack Taylor vs Leonardo

Zack is back and now it is time to face off against Leonardo. Leonardo is a fierce leader and his excellent sword skills will be a threat for Zack. I believe that his Zord should be enough to overwhelm Leonardo but it would be tough. Leonardo may be on a losing streak, but he may return! Zack Taylor wins.