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Silver Samurai vs Kraven

Suggested by Sonic Kraven is a very fierce hunter and you have to give him some props for taking down a lot of skilled opponents back in the day. Still, he isn’t quite ready for the Silver Samurai. Silver Samurai has a sword that can slice through just about anything and he was quick enough to easily take Wolverine down in one of their encounters. His fighting speed is incredible and in short there isn’t much that Kraven could do to defend himself against such an opponent. This time the hunter will become the hunted. Silver Samurai wins.

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Silver Samurai vs Gamera

The Silver Samurai’s blade can cut through just about anything thanks to his Tachyon energy. I’m afraid that this means lights out for Gamera since he just wouldn’t be able to keep up. The Silver Samurai has a device, which lets him teleport and the man is already very quick. Gamera may have lost this round, but we can be sure that he shall be back! Silver Samurai wins.

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Silver Samurai vs Lazerman

The Silver Samurai is back, but this time he faces a threat like no other! Lazerman is extremely powerful and also pretty fast! One good blast and even Silver Samurai may fall. Silver Samurai is a good fighter, but I don’t think he has what it takes to defeat Lazerman. Lazerman is just too powerful. Lazerman wins.

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Silver Samurai vs Marth

The Silver Samurai is a formidable fighter. With his teleportation and mutant abilities he can take on many fighters, but Marth is just too tough. His reaction speeds are intense and he’s an expert with a sword. Silver Samurai may have his teleportation device, but it won’t be enough to stop someone as fast as Marth. Marth wins.

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Silver Samurai vs Trunks

Silver Samurai is a good swordsman…..well a decent swordsman. Of course he’s out of his league in this one. Trunks has the power of the Super Saiyan within him. With one blast he can take out whole solar systems. Now that’s power! Silver Samurai takes a loss, but he’ll be back one day. Trunks wins.

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Silver Samurai vs Ichigo

Silver Samurai is back, but he loses this round. Ichigo is just far too fast and far too powerful. With his raw skills nobody can defeat him. One Getsuga Tenshou and it’s all over. Silver Samurai may be fast, but he can’t outrun Ichigo. This is an easy win for Ichigo as he rises up the ranks. Ichigo wins.

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Tengu Shredder vs Silver Samurai

Silver Samurai is pretty weak. He’s one of the Wolverine villains who might not be able to beat Wolverine. Tengu Shredder has energy blasts and can turn into a dragon. Silver Samurai has sword skills but that won’t work against The Shredder. Tengu Shredder wins.