Elongated Man vs Inspector Gadget

Suggested by Sonic Inspector Gadget is a fun character from back in the day. As the name would suggest he definitely has a lot of items to aid him in combat. They won’t be enough to win here though since Elongated Man can match him move for move while also using his super strength to get the edge in combat. Thanks to the New 52 he can also turn into a Hulk like creature with enough strength to really knock Gadget down a few pegs. Gadget won’t have the right tool for this job and will have to take the loss. Elongated Man wins.

Elongated Man vs Thor

The Elongated Man is a tough guy to fight against unless you possess a decent amount of skill or power. Thor possesses both and would destroy Elongated Man with a single swing of his hammer. The Elongated Man just doesn’t have a chance against this Avenger and quickly takes a hard loss in the match. Thor wins.

Elongated Man vs Mr Fantastic

Elongated Man is out of his league in this round since Mr Fantastic possesses abilities that may be beyond comprehension to many mortals. The Elongated Man has similar abilities, but he doesn’t possess the intelligence to use them properly. Mr Fantastic has had decades of battles to help him master his abilities and he easily wins this round. Mr Fantastic wins.

Elongated Man vs Metamorpho

Metamorpho makes his debut on the blog with this fight and he starts it off on a high note! The Elongated Man won’t be able to stand up to such a powerful adversary and he’ll quickly be defeated. Metamorpho has taken on the Justice League in the past so Elongated Man won’t be able to even make this a challenge. Metamorpho wins.

Elongated Man vs Flash (Barry)

The Elongated Man is back, but he’s no match for the Flash. Barry is a pretty smart fighter and his amazing super speed gives him a massive advantage over any opponent. The Elongated Man just doesn’t have what it takes to keep up with this speedster. Elongated Man takes another loss and this doesn’t seem to be the end. Flash (Barry) wins.

Elongated Man vs Shazam

The Elongated Man is back and now he’s up against Shazam! Shazam is one of DC’s strongest heroes so there’s no way that the Elongated Man can win this round. He’s seriously out of his league and he just doesn’t stand a chance here. The Elongated Man can stretch as much as he likes, but it won’t really make a difference in the end. Shazam is just on a different level. Shazam wins.

Elongated Man vs Shriek (Batman)

Elongated Man has one of the worst super powers that money can probably buy, but he has appeared through many comics. He became a Black Lantern during Blackest Night and he even took down Hawkman. Shriek has his Sonic attacks, but Elongated Man should be able to endure them long enough to take the victory in this round. Elongated Man wins.

Plasticman vs Elongated Man

Plasticman and Elongated Man are very similar in many ways. Too Similar. They are both mirror images of themselves. Plasticman got more popular but I don’t really see much of a difference. I guess I also like him more. Plasticman wins this match of stretchables because he has more experience. Plasticman wins.