Shadowman vs Plasticman

Suggested by Sonic Shadowman is a pretty skilled navi. He was able to easily overpower Megaman and would have won if not for Searchman. While Plasticman is perfect for evading attacks and landing good counter blows in, his lack of speed will hurt him quite a lot. Shadowman’s all about precise hits so Plasticman won’t be able to dodge for long and his durability isn’t great against stabbing moves. Ultimately this will be a rather one sided battle in favor of the ninja. Shadowman wins.

Flatman vs Plasticman

Suggested by Destroyer Nothing against Flatman but he was never quite as impressive as Plasticman. Plastic Man has helped to save the world from many opponents over the years and even Superman has acknowledged his abilities. Although both fighters have similar abilities, Plasticman is far more versatile with them. His experience will also help lead him to victory. Plasticman wins.

Plasticman vs Cell

Plasticman returns, but he’s up against a foe who was even able to defeat Goku in a fight. Plasticman has always wanted to help out the League in a big way, but securing the win here will be impossible. He’s just not in the same league as Cell and he can’t hope to escape either. This is the definition of a complete win and Cell’s road to success won’t falter here. Cell wins.

Megaman SF vs Plasticman

Plasticman used to be one of the more popular Justice League members, but he has really faded from the limelight in recent years. His plastic gimmick is pretty interesting, but it really won’t help him defeat Megaman SF. Megaman has taken out foes who could move at incredibly high speeds and Plasticman will seem to be moving with the speed of a snail in comparison. One charge shot should end this. Megaman SF wins.

Plasticman vs Dr Doom

Plasticman is back, but if you thought it was for a win you may want to take a step back. Dr Doom has powers beyond Plasticman’s wildest dreams. Dr Doom has the power of Odin and Wolverine’s skeleton. With these abilities not even Plasticman can take him down. Plasticman drops down the rankings again. Dr Doom wins.

Yusei vs Plasticman

Well it has begun. The rise of Yusei. Plasticman may be made of plastic but he can’t handle Speed Warrior. Speed Warrior is one of Yusei’s weaker monsters so if Plasticman can’t beat him it’s over. Yusei also has Jump Syncron which can syncro summun Jump Warrior. Amongst that Yusei knows hand to hand combat and has a barrier. Yusei could beat Plasticman without his cards. Yusei wins.

Plasticman vs Elongated Man

Plasticman and Elongated Man are very similar in many ways. Too Similar. They are both mirror images of themselves. Plasticman got more popular but I don’t really see much of a difference. I guess I also like him more. Plasticman wins this match of stretchables because he has more experience. Plasticman wins.