Yusei vs Snakeman

Snakeman is back and he’s back to get pwned. He may be a slithery opponent, but he can’t take down Yusei. Yusei has his Stardust Dragon and with it he can blast pretty much any opponent into smithereens. They just didn’t stand a chance against his awesome might. Yusei rises up the blog ranks with this win. Yusei wins.

Yusei vs Jack (5ds)

Jack has his cards, but they just arne’t good enough to defeat Yusei. Yusei has more cards, and they are better ones. Jack is not quite tough enough to win this duel of power and honor. Yusei wins. But with his new flame powers Jack has surpassed Yusei. Jack 5ds wins.

Yusei vs Luna

This is a tribute to the 5ds ova. Yusei looked like a good character, too bad the tv show wrecked him. Luna has some dueling cards, but not enough to take on Yusei. Yusei is just too powerful and won’t go down easily. Luna may be a better duelist in another series. Yusei wins.