Yusei vs Snakeman

Snakeman is back and he’s back to get pwned. He may be a slithery opponent, but he can’t take down Yusei. Yusei has his Stardust Dragon and with it he can blast pretty much any opponent into smithereens. They just didn’t stand a chance against his awesome might. Yusei rises up the blog ranks with this win. Yusei wins.

Kyogre vs Snakeman

Kyogre is back to test his aquatic powers against Snakeman. Sadly for him Snakeman was ready and has the means to win this match. Now Snakeman gets himself a win. Snakeman wins.

Update! While Snakeman may have the element advantage over Kyogre, it definitely won’t be enough. Kyogre has some pretty incredible power and one good shot would be enough to end Snakeman in an instant. Kyogre wins.

Rayquaza vs Snakeman

Rayquaza has lots of power. He beat Diddy Kong and fought Fox. Snakeman is very weak. He mostly hides in his jar to keep himself safe. Not even his jar would save him from Rayquaza. Rayquaza is too strong. Rayquaza wins, but Snakeman does have his battle chips. Rayquaza wins.