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Goku vs Hao

Suggested by Destroyer Hao is a being of near limitless cosmic abilities. He has a solid Oversoul and can try to keep Goku back with his ranged moves. Still, there isn’t much he can do against a Super Saiyan god. Goku’s Kamehameha alone would end the fight rather quickly. Goku’s one of the strongest beings in all of media, trying to stop him is like trying to stop an Earthquake with a spoon. There are less than a handful of characters in all of media who can hope to beat him. Goku wins.

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Marcus vs Hao

Marcus is the Digidestined of legend. He’s so much stronger than the rest of the humans in the series that you would think he is from DBZ. His Agumon also got some incredible forms like Shine Greymon Burst Mode. (Or was it Rise Greymon? One of those two) Meanwhile Hao is the Shaman King and so naturally he has a ton of abilities. He didn’t get to show them off too much but made up for it with the moments that he did get. In particular his final fight with the rest of the main characters was pretty impressive. It’s a tough pick, but I think Marcus has this. His durability will go a long way here and Greymon Burst Mode is quite fast. It’ll be tough for Hao to stay on top. Marcus wins.

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Buu vs Hao

Suggested by Destroyer With Buu recently getting his big intro fight in Super it was time to bring him back into the fold. He is still one of the stronger DBZ characters even if he hasn’t gotten to show his stuff as of late. Hao has a lot of powerful abilities and being one of the Great Spirits gives him a good amount of regenerative abilities as well. Still, none can top Buu in that area and Buu’s raw power is still at a high enough level where he definitely won’t go down easy. Buu wins.

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Yoh vs Hao

Yoh has had a lot of wins today, but now he’s going to take a loss. Hao is an immensely powerful being from Shaman King and some may even place him on DBZ levels. Yoh is a very skilled swordsman, but I don’t believe that he will be able to take on Hao. Hao has endured giant explosions without a flinch and he’s always seemed to be on a whole different level. That being said, the new series of Shaman King may give Yoh some good power ups. Until then, Hao definitely takes the win. Hao wins.
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Manta vs Hao

Manta can be a tough kid when he wants to be, but he’s outmatched by Hao in this round. Hao has abilities that are far superior to Manta’s and a win will be a piece of cake for him. Manta just won’t be able to keep up with Hao and he’ll be taking his third straight loss. Maybe he’ll be able to pull off a comeback at some point…maybe. Hao wins.

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Flash (Barry) vs Hao

Flash (Barry) is extremely fast and has been taking down opponents for years! Of course this time he’s up against Hao! With one slash from his sword Hao can take down many fighters. Flash (Barry) is fast, but not even he can dodge this sword. It’s too big and far too powerful! Hao rises up the ranks with this win. Hao wins.

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Eggman vs Hao

Eggman has his hi tech robots to fight his battles for him. Of course in the end they still can’t defeat Hao. Hao is a being who’s on a whole different level. There are very few who can defeat him, and Eggman’s definitely not one of them. Eggman takes a loss and drops down the blog rankings. He’ll be back one day. Hao wins.