Dark Megaman vs Copy X

Suggested by Sonic Copy X is one of the cooler Zero villains. There’s just a lot of great lore behind him but unfortunately the series has yet to get an anime adaption. Dark Megaman is no slouch in that area either though and the manga really nailed what makes him an interesting character. His ability to consume abilities will be too much for Copy X and his speed is absolutely devastating. Dark Megaman wins.

Mimikyu vs Copy X

Suggested by Anonymous Mimikyu is a pretty cool Pokemon. I liked his active grudge against Pikachu as it made for an interesting rivalry. If he gets a claw on Copy X then he will be able to deal massive damage but I just don’t see how he would plan to accomplish this. Copy X has tremendous abilities that he has attained over the years to the point where I’d say he is one of the strongest X characters. Mimikyu would ultimately just be out of his league here and would get blown away. Copy X wins.

Savageman vs Copy X

Suggested by Sonic Savageman and Copy X are both some of the strongest fighters in their respective sections of the Mega Man series. Copy X has a ton of abilities and is basically X if the hero had ever turned evil. On the other hand Savageman was able to move with tremendous speed before he even had his dark chip infusions. Once he had those then his abilities jumped into a whole new level and I believe he would be able to land enough hits to win before his body would begin to break down. Savageman wins.

James Bond vs Copy X

Copy X has a lot of firepower at his disposal and one blast is all he needs to win. James Bond takes yet another loss and he drops down the blog ranks. He has no way of dealing any damage to Copy X. Copy X is far more durable than James Bond could ever hope to be and Copy X’s speed is far too great. Copy X wins.

Gemini Spark vs Copy X

Gemini Spark is back and this time he’s up against Copy X! Copy X has a lot of different projectiles which help him a lot. He can keep spamming them until he hits. Gemini Spark is tough and fast, but I doubt he could dodge all of the firepower that Copy X has at his disposal. Gemini Spark drops down the ranks with this loss. Copy X wins.

Viewtiful Joe vs Copy X

Viewtiful Joe has the power to slow down time and also speed it up. These abilities are definitely dangerous and his mastery of hand to hand makes him a dangerous threat. Still Copy X has fought very impressive opponents of his own and with his super mega buster Viewtiful Joe’s gonna need some more abilities. Copy X wins.

Copy X vs Bass


Copy X has his charge shot ready and with it he has managed to stay undefeated on the blog for a while. Well that’s about to change in this match! Bass is far too powerful and has taken down many opponents over the last few matches. He just never loses and wins this match with ease. Bass wins.

Copy X vs Cell Jr

Cell Jr has his super attacks and can take down Copy X. Copy X has super forms, but they aren’t exactly dbz level. Cell Jr wins this round and gets higher in the blogging world. Copy X drops, but he’ll be back. Cell Jr wins.

In the end I think Copy X’s attacks would be enough to win. Copy X wins.