Viewtiful Joe vs Cell Jr

Cell Jr 1
Viewtiful Joe is a pretty quick fighter and his mach attacks are very useful in a battle, but he is a little out of his depth here. Not even Viewtiful Joe is fast enough to keep up with a Cell Jr and a single Kamehameha would vaporize the young superhero. Cell Jr may not look as powerful as some of the other DBZ villains, but he can still destroy a solar system with ease so you can’t count him out. Cell Jr wins.

Alien vs Cell Jr

Cell Jr 1
Cell Jr has enough power to easily take out a bunch of planets in a single shot. Xenomorphs are pretty deadly, but not even they can accomplish such a feat. This match definitely goes to the mighty Cell Jr and his abilities are just too far ahead of the Alien for this to be a close fight. Cell Jr wins.

Orochimaru vs Cell Jr

Cell Jr 1
Orochimaru is a skilled shinobi, but he’s definitely not ready to tackle someone like Cell Jr. Cell Jr is a DBZ villain who can destroy planets with ease. Orochimaru isn’t even in the same conversation as far as ability is concerned. None of his ninjutsu will be able to significantly damage Cell Jr and he likely couldn’t land any hits due to Cell Jr’s speed. Cell Jr wins.

Cell Jr vs Vegeta

Cell Jr is a pretty powerful opponent, but Vegeta is used to fighting beings with such power. He is the prince of all saiyans and he can’t be defeated! Cell Jr is fast and strong, but not even he can match the power of a super saiyan 4! Vegeta finally takes a win after a long break from the blog. Vegeta wins.

Cell Jr vs Superman

Superman is known as the Man of Steel for a reason! Still, in the end he doesn’t really stand a chance against someone as powerful as Cell Jr! Cell jr can use some pretty powerful attacks and was even overwhelming Goku! That’s pretty impressive if you really think about it. Cell Jr wins.

Copy X vs Cell Jr

Cell Jr has his super attacks and can take down Copy X. Copy X has super forms, but they aren’t exactly dbz level. Cell Jr wins this round and gets higher in the blogging world. Copy X drops, but he’ll be back. Cell Jr wins.

In the end I think Copy X’s attacks would be enough to win. Copy X wins.