Android 16 vs Franky

Android 16 is back and with his super strength not even Franky can match him. Android 16 can destroy whole planets with a single blast! Franky may have his coca cola power, but it’s not a good substitute for Android 16’s built in cannons. Android 16 also has a bomb that can make a pretty big explosion. Android 16 wins.

Android 16 vs He Man

He Man may be a pretty strong guy, but in the end he’s not at Android 16’s level. Android 16 has his cannons and super punches. Either of those attacks would finish off He Man pretty easily. He Man never stood a chance in this fight and plummets down the blog rankings. Android 16 gets himself a good win. Android 16 wins.

Freddy Krueger vs Android 16

Freddy Krueger may have defeated some humans in the past, but there’s no way he could beat Android 16. Android 16 is a super android that has fought tougher opponents. Android 16 rarely loses and goes higher in the blog. Android 16 wins.