Carcharoth vs Android 17

Android 17 is back once more and now he must take down this legendary wolf. Android 17 survived on his own island for a very long time and knows how to deal with wild beasts. He can definitely stop the Carcharoth in its tracks with minimal effort. As Android 17 has unlimited energy he can also take his time flying around Carcharoth and letting the giant beast get a little tired before really getting into it. Android 17 wins.

Revan vs Android 17

Revan’s lightsaber can disintegrate just about anything it makes contact with. That being said, I believe 17’s barrier will prove to be a little too much for it. He can block just about any attack with that. Android 17’s also very proficient at hand to hand combat so he’ll be able to weave in and out of Revan’s attacks while launching his counters. This will definitely take a toll and without a doubt Revan will find himself on the ground by the end of this. Android 17 wins.

Jubei (Blazblue) vs Android 17

Jubei is a pretty tough fighter, but he’s not ready to go up against Android 17. 17 doesn’t like to waste time so he’ll go straight for the win. His power level definitely exceeds Jubei to a far degree so this match won’t be all that close. His barrier can block any kind of attack that Jubei dishes out. 17 doesn’t have to take a hit unless he wants to though because the gap in their speed is simply too drastic. Android 17 wins.

Android 17 vs Baby

Android 17 is back, but he may not be a match for Baby. His energy absorption is a deadly weapon, but Baby has his ingenuity as well as his impressive power. Baby hasn’t taken a win in a longtime, so this is definitely a happy moment for his fans. This isn’t the last we’ll see of this guy! Baby wins.

Android 17 vs Android 18

Android 17 and 18 are very similar. In power some would say they’re about even. But that’s not the case. Android 17 is leagues above 18 and GT proves it. He was even able to stand up to Saiyan 4 Mode. That’s something 18 couldn’t do. Android 17 wins.