Revan vs Android 17

Revan’s lightsaber can disintegrate just about anything it makes contact with. That being said, I believe 17’s barrier will prove to be a little too much for it. He can block just about any attack with that. Android 17’s also very proficient at hand to hand combat so he’ll be able to weave in and out of Revan’s attacks while launching his counters. This will definitely take a toll and without a doubt Revan will find himself on the ground by the end of this. Android 17 wins.

2 thoughts on “Revan vs Android 17

  1. Lol Revan would win bud due to the very fun fact that revan is the master of the light,dark and grey side of the force and Revan is a high level hand to hand combat master as well as a master of Lightsaber formation and given the fact revan faced both ancient and new sith lords and Jedi master before and after his time that they were to believe to be god like characters but still revan defeated them using barely his force powers but just using his wits and intelligence and another fun fact that revan can even turns his opponent’s own energy against them turning their bodies into a weapon of revan’s design and Revan can turns one’s mind organic,synthetic and robotic against their very own goal and to top this off revan can just turn Android 17 into nothing but bear ash so yea learn your facts completely before you make yourself into a arrogant fool,and btw Lightsabers can adsorb energy as well as dishing out energy and they can cut through practically everything even energy itself so yea android 17 would lose horribly against Revan and Revan has far more battle experiences then Android 17

    • That all sounds impressive, but I don’t see how it puts him in the same conversation as 17. .Revan’s abilities have limits and trying to block the energy of someone who was keeping up with Super Saiyan Blue Goku would be virtually impossible

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