Revan vs Jade

Suggested by Sonic Revan is a very experienced Sith Lord and he can use the Force to enhance his lightsaber abilities. Jade is also an excellent close quarters fighter but the lack of having The Force is what will really slow her down here. You need the Force in order to fight someone who has it or you will always be at a disadvantage right out of the gate. There isn’t an easy way for her to close the distance in this fight and whenever she gets close she would just be blasted back. Revan wins.

Revan vs Android 17

Revan’s lightsaber can disintegrate just about anything it makes contact with. That being said, I believe 17’s barrier will prove to be a little too much for it. He can block just about any attack with that. Android 17’s also very proficient at hand to hand combat so he’ll be able to weave in and out of Revan’s attacks while launching his counters. This will definitely take a toll and without a doubt Revan will find himself on the ground by the end of this. Android 17 wins.

Kyle Katarn vs Revan

Suggested by iKnowledge Now this is an extremely close battle Both Revan and Kyle Katarn are some of the strongest Jedi out there. Kyle is one of the best close combat fighters while Revan’s force abilities are off the charts. Both of them are able to use both the light and dark sides of The Force. I’m leaning towards Revan as he seems to have better feats with the Force which should counteract his losing the hand to hand battle. Definitely a fight that could go either way though. Revan wins.