Jubei (Blazblue) vs Android 17

Jubei is a pretty tough fighter, but he’s not ready to go up against Android 17. 17 doesn’t like to waste time so he’ll go straight for the win. His power level definitely exceeds Jubei to a far degree so this match won’t be all that close. His barrier can block any kind of attack that Jubei dishes out. 17 doesn’t have to take a hit unless he wants to though because the gap in their speed is simply too drastic. Android 17 wins.

Jubei (Blazblue) vs Kuma

Suggested by iKnowledge Jubei is an incredibly quick fighter. Kuma has more raw power, but it just won’t matter if he can’t land a hit on Jubei. Jubei’s experience will also come in handy here as it will allow him to predict Kuma’s upcoming attacks and counter accordingly. It’s just very difficult to deal with an opponent like that and this will be Kuma’s downfall. Jubei (Blazblue) wins.