Bass vs Kuma


Kuma is a pretty tough bear, but I don’t think he will really be able to do a whole lot against Bass. First off, Bass is faster than light. This means that none of Kuma’s attacks have any hope of actually hurting Bass because he can’t be hit. Bass also has enough power to destroy the whole universe. How can Kuma hope to dodge or block that? The simple, but accurate answer is that he simply can’t. This is an unwinnable battle I’m afraid. Bass wins.


Kuma vs Bubbles

Suggested by iKnowledge Bubbles is definitely very fast and that’s why this match is a little on the tricky side. I don’t doubt that he could give Kuma a very good fight, but does he really have enough power to win this battle. I’d like to have seen some of his actual strength in action. Meanwhile I’ve seen Kuma destroy glass and wood so I don’t doubt his power. I think he would land enough blows to eventually secure the win. Kuma wins.