Sparkman vs Kuma

Suggested by Sonic Kuma is a good hand to hand fighter but he doesn’t have any answers for Sparkman’s impressive electric attacks. Sparkman will ensure that Kuma is never able to get close. Mix in the fact that Sparkman’s just faster than Kuma and that makes the match even more difficult for him. There’s no real way for Kuma to close the distance and that’s why ultimately he will be defeated here. Sparkman wins.

Elecman vs Sparkman

Sparkman’s dark clone attack will come in handy here. Elecman can’t handle multiple foes. Once Sparkman makes the clone, he’ll panic and the match is over. Sparkman wins.

Update! Elecman’s speed will be the deciding factor here and while Sparkman can use his attack to quickly make a shadow of Elecman, Elecman will have finished the job by then with a quick slash. Sparkman won’t be able to handle that kind of power. Elecman wins.