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Flashman vs Kakashi

Suggested by Destroyer Flashman is very fast, but that’s simply not enough against Kakashi. Kakashi has the sharingan which gives him a considerable edge in combat. He has a ton of ninjutsu and is better equipped for a drawn out fight compared to the average combatant. Flashman is more of a 1 trick pony in comparison so it won’t take the ninja very long to copy and neutralize his abilities. Kakashi wins.

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Flashman vs Gemini Spark

Suggested by Destroyer Flashman has low key definitely got to be one of the coolest Megaman exe villains. I just really liked the guy and he is pretty tough as well. That being said, Gemini Spark is considerably faster and his electric nature will give him some resistance to the flash attacks. Gemini Spark wins.

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Flashman vs Doomsday

Requested by Destroyer This is definitely a fun match and one of those battles, which I would love to see animated. Flashman’s attacks are quite deadly and were even able to injure Megaman. I have no doubt that his attacks would have a noticeable effect on the beast. Naturally, the reverse is also true and Doomsday’s healing factor will definitely come into play here. Flashnan will have to wrack up a lot of damage very quickly here in order to win. It’s a tough fight, but I ultimately believe that Flashman’s inability to fly and lack of impressive speed feats will be the end of him. An anime fighter losing to a comic villain? Impossible!!! Doomsday wins.

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Omega Shenron vs Flashman

Flashman is one of the stronger EXE villains from the anime, but he’s still no match for Omega Shenron. Omega Shenron is the final villain of Dragon Ball GT and he can end solar systems in the blink of an eye. This poses a major problem for Flashman since the thunder navi doesn’t have enough speed to dodge such a fate. Unfortunately, this means that his fate is sealed. Omega Shenron wins.

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Flashman vs Cooler

Flashman is pretty powerful and his electric attacks were able to put Megaman on the defensive, but that simply won’t be enough to defeat Cooler. Cooler’s speed is on a different level and he could take out the planet in a single shot. Flashman doesn’t have any attacks at his disposal, which could deflect or block such a blast. Cooler wins.

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Serenade vs Flashman

Flashman is powerful and his thunder skills may let him take down someone on the level of Kingman, but his power is nothing against Serenade’s! Serenade is one of the ultimate netnavies and his power is pretty near invincible! Taking him down is something that shouldn’t be done by the faint of heart. Serenade wins.

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Megaguirus vs Flashman

Megaguirus is back, but she doesn’t have what it takes too defeat Flashman. He has thunder attacks that move with incredible speed. Megaguirus may be big, but she lacks the speed that Flashman has. He wins this match hands down and rises in the blog yet again. Megaguirus will be back one of these days. Flashman wins.