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Gemini Spark vs Cooler

Suggested by Destroyer Gemini Spark is quite quick and strong. He is easily one of the strongest Megaman Star Force characters out there. That being said, DBZ has always been in a league of its own when it comes to power levels. I don’t think Cooler would bat an eye at Spark’s abilities. A single energy blast would be enough to end the fight and with Cooler’s abilities it is basically guaranteed that he will land this hit. He won’t even need his final form. Cooler wins.

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Dr Doom vs Cooler

Suggested by Destroyer Cooler is a pretty impressive DBZ villain who was able to take on Goku and Vegeta. While he never got to Super Saiyan 2 level, this is more than enough to take down Dr Doom. Doom may have obtained the Odin Force and even the Beyonder’s abilities but they are not enough to take on this level of threat. Cooler could speed blitz the good doctor as soon as the match has started. Cooler wins.

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Alucard (Hellsing) vs Cooler

Alucard has some really good regenerative abilities at his disposal, but I don’t think that it will be enough to stop Cooler. Cooler can destroy whole planets on a whim and his speed was so great that he was able to keep up with Goku’s instant transmission. That’s no small feat and Cooler is a lot stronger than he is given credit for. Alucard is simply doomed in this match. Cooler wins.

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Cooler vs Bishop

Bishop Marvel Comics-856662
Bishop is a tough fighter, but he’s no match for Cooler. Cooler can casually destroy planets and he can move at speeds that easily surpass light. Bishop can’t really deal with that level of ability and one good hit will take him out of the fight. Cooler rises up the blog ranks with this victory. Cooler wins.

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Flashman vs Cooler

Flashman is pretty powerful and his electric attacks were able to put Megaman on the defensive, but that simply won’t be enough to defeat Cooler. Cooler’s speed is on a different level and he could take out the planet in a single shot. Flashman doesn’t have any attacks at his disposal, which could deflect or block such a blast. Cooler wins.

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Bionic Bunny vs Cooler

Why is Bionic Bunny so cool? We may never know, but at least we know that he wasn’t tough enough to beat Cooler! Cooler can end planets on a whim and his power is leagues ahead of other fighters. Bionic Bunny may be the strongest guy on his planet, but that simply won’t be enough to win this fight. Cooler wins.

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Bass vs Cooler

Cooler can obliterate whole planets in an instant. His power was so intense that he was able to take on 2 super saiyans at once. Still, can he take on the might of Bass!? Bass has speed that is light years ahead of any other being. His power is unstoppable. This is one match that not even Cooler can win. Bass wins.

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Cooler vs Frieza

Cooler is a pretty tough guy and he knows it! With a single blast he can take down just about any being that he wants too! That’s how good he is. Of course, Frieza has his legendary Death Beams which are tough. In the canon world of DBZ, Cooler was much stronger than Frieza, but Frieza has his noncanon forms to help even it up. In the end, I think Cooler still takes this round. Cooler wins.

Update! Not anymore. Golden Frieza makes this an easy win for the classic villain. Frieza wins.