Link vs Bishop

Suggested by Destroyer Bishop can fire off energy blasts and absorb kinetic energy. It’s not a good idea to hit him with blasts but he can’t do a whole lot against direct attacks like the swing of a sword. Link’s Master Sword will prove too much for this guy to handle and a good swing could end this. Bishop just won’t be able to stand up to that level of power. Link wins.

Lazerman vs Bishop

Suggested by Destroyer Bishop is a good fighter and a genius as well. That will be a pretty potent combination for Lazerman to fight against but I do think he will end up prevailing. Lazerman is fast enough to dodge all of Bishop’s attacks and land counters to his heart’s content. Bishop’s durability isn’t anything special and while he does have some armor, it isn’t sturdy enough to take on this beating for very long. Lazerman wins.

Cooler vs Bishop

Bishop Marvel Comics-856662
Bishop is a tough fighter, but he’s no match for Cooler. Cooler can casually destroy planets and he can move at speeds that easily surpass light. Bishop can’t really deal with that level of ability and one good hit will take him out of the fight. Cooler rises up the blog ranks with this victory. Cooler wins.

Whiplash vs Bishop

Whiplash is back and this time he’s fighting Bishop! Bishop is a powerful mutant who can shoot energy blasts of epic proportions! Whiplash is a strong villain and his electro whips are tough, but he can’t take down Bishop. Bishop’s too durable and his energy blasts can definitely get intense at times. Bishop wins.

Nightcrawler vs Bishop

Pretty close fight. Bishop has a gun, can shoot energy blasts, and absorb energy blasts. Nightcrawler can teleport, has a sword, and can fire energy blasts (Thanks to getting Cyclops’s powers.) Teleporting’s a big advantage, but if the energy blasts won’t work against Bishop, does it matter? In the end, the winner…is! Bishop wins.

Forge vs Bishop

Forge has his gun skills and can use them to take down some opponents. Of course Bishop isn’t just any old opponent. He’s a mutant with skills that far exceed the skills of others. Forge takes a loss in this match, but one day he’ll be back. When that day comes the world will be ready. Until then I guess. Bishop wins.