Nightcrawler vs Bishop

Pretty close fight. Bishop has a gun, can shoot energy blasts, and absorb energy blasts. Nightcrawler can teleport, has a sword, and can fire energy blasts (Thanks to getting Cyclops’s powers.) Teleporting’s a big advantage, but if the energy blasts won’t work against Bishop, does it matter? In the end, the winner…is! Bishop wins.

2 thoughts on “Nightcrawler vs Bishop

    • Yes, for me that’s the tricky part with any Nightcrawler match. With his teleportation it’s almost a one hit ko if he gets you. Because forget about throwing! While he’s at it he can just teleport the head and Bishop dies. Right now I’m banking on the Bishop emitting enegry right when Nightcrawler teleports so that Nightcrawler gets taken down. It is definitely a close fight and rides on who gets the first shot

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