Darkseid vs Broly

Suggested by JordyPresto0418 Darkseid is strong but he’s not exactly in the same weight class as someone like Broly. Broly is even stronger and faster than Darkseid which puts him in a really bad spot. The omega lasers won’t be disintegrating Broly as the guy’s durability is just too high. At that point, there’s nothing to do but take a heavy loss this time. Broly wins.

Darkseid vs Judgeman

Suggested by Destroyer Judgeman can throw the book at his opponents but it doesn’t mean that he will ultimately stand much of a chance against someone like Darkseid. Darkseid has more power and speed at his disposal than Judgeman could ever hope to deal with. Darkseid’s eye blasts will burn through all of Judgeman’s defenses and he won’t be getting his by any counters thanks to his overwhelming speed advantage. This puts Judgeman at a bad spot and he really would need more speed feats to even hope to take down Darkseid. Darkseid wins.

Zoom (Zolomon) vs Darkseid

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Suggested by Anonymous Zoom is probably the strongest comic book villain that nobody talks about. He’s basically at Flash levels of speed and sometimes even faster. That already makes him supremely dangerous and I dare say that he may be in the top 10 DC villains not counting extremely unknown ones. If we count literally all of them then maybe top 30 to be safe. However, Darkseid is in the Top 10 no matter how you slice it and he would be able to beat Zoom. It would play out much like a Flash vs Superman battle. Darkseid would eventually tag Zoom as he also has a good amount of speed and a single hit would almost definitely secure him the win. Darkseid wins.

Yuna vs Darkseid

Suggested by IKnowledge Yuna is a pretty skilled summoner and she has proven herself throughout the various FF X games. She may not have Cloud’s close range abilities but she can still do a lot of damage. Unfortunately for her, Darkseid is a lot faster than any of her monsters. He is also incredibly powerful so her armors wont really help against his attacks. A summoner is only as tough as her strongest monster and it just isn’t enough against Darkseid. Darkseid wins.

Darkseid vs Gon

Darkseid is one of DC’s strongest fighters and he should not be underestimated for any reason! His abilities are pretty fierce and he has traded blows with Superman in the past! That’s definitely no easy feat and Gon will have a pretty big match! That being said, Darkseid just won’t be able to get past Gon’s nen abilities and he’ll have to take a tough loss. Gon continues to get more and more wins as he fights on the blog! Gon wins.

Shazam vs Darkseid

Shazam is essentially a “Superman” but with slightly inferior stats. How slight the difference is depends on what incarnation you are viewing. In the DCAU, Shazam was able to give Superman an impressive fight and I believe that the same would happen with Darkseid. Darkseid is incredibly powerful, but I believe that Shazam could match him. Speedwise, I believe that Shazam also has the edge which brings us to a similar scenario as the Green Lantern match. The critical difference is that Shazam’s raw power is around Darkseid level and his attacks would do some decent damage. This time, I don’t think that Darkseid’s defense will be able to hold up and Shazam will take a narrow victory. Definitely a controversial call, but Shazam is very powerful. He’s particularly impressive in his battle against Black Adam in the DC movie. Shazam wins.

Green Lantern vs Darkseid

This is another close battle of DC powerhouses. Green Lantern has proven that he can go up against heavyweights like Darkseid in the past, but can he win? I’d say that Green Lantern has the speed advantage in this round and his GL Power Ring will come in handy. With the amount of energy that he can shoot out, Green Lantern will definitely get his share of hits in. The main problem that is presented to Green Lantern is the fact that Darkseid’s durability is insanely high. The majority of Green Lantern’s attacks will only cause minimal damage at best whereas Darkseid’s attacks will definitely cause some damage. Green Lantern’s abilities just weren’t enough this time and he takes a narrow loss in this round. Darkseid wins.

Liu Kang vs Darkseid

Liu Kang is good at martial arts, but he won’t be a match for Darkseid. Darkseid has his intense energy blasts that would be enough to take down Liu Kang in a single shot. Things get even more drastic once we bring in Darkseid’s super strength and incredible speed. Liu Kang is just out of his league in this battle. Darkseid wins.

Vandal Savage vs Darkseid

Vandal Savage is immortal and his durability is pretty impressive, but when you’re up against someone as powerful as Darkseid…durability won’t win you the match. Darkseid’s Omega Beams should do the trick to win this round, or he can just use the classic hand to hand combat strategy. Darkseid wins.

Batman vs Darkseid

Batman has his gun at the ready. He usually doesn’t use firearms, but he is pretty skilled with them. Darkseid has the omega beams, but Batman’s speed should allow him to dodge them while delivering some powerful GL ring blasts. Batman’s composite abilities are numerous and give him the edge. Batman wins.