Shazam vs Darkseid

Shazam is essentially a “Superman” but with slightly inferior stats. How slight the difference is depends on what incarnation you are viewing. In the DCAU, Shazam was able to give Superman an impressive fight and I believe that the same would happen with Darkseid. Darkseid is incredibly powerful, but I believe that Shazam could match him. Speedwise, I believe that Shazam also has the edge which brings us to a similar scenario as the Green Lantern match. The critical difference is that Shazam’s raw power is around Darkseid level and his attacks would do some decent damage. This time, I don’t think that Darkseid’s defense will be able to hold up and Shazam will take a narrow victory. Definitely a controversial call, but Shazam is very powerful. He’s particularly impressive in his battle against Black Adam in the DC movie. Shazam wins.

5 thoughts on “Shazam vs Darkseid

  1. I agree 100% with the outcome. This is one of those fights that would be extremely bloody. But Shazam does have the speed advantage.

    S The wisdom of Solomon;
    H The strength of Hercules;
    A The stamina of Atlas;
    Z The power of Zeus;
    A The courage of Achilles;
    M The speed of Mercury.

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