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Darkseid vs Gon

Darkseid is one of DC’s strongest fighters and he should not be underestimated for any reason! His abilities are pretty fierce and he has traded blows with Superman in the past! That’s definitely no easy feat and Gon will have a pretty big match! That being said, Darkseid just won’t be able to get past Gon’s nen abilities and he’ll have to take a tough loss. Gon continues to get more and more wins as he fights on the blog! Gon wins.

4 thoughts on “Darkseid vs Gon”

  1. I still think Darkseid has a shot. What’s to stop Gon from being disintegrated by the Omega Beams, or worse….being resummoned by Darkseid and tortured every night and day, like Prometheus in the Greek Myth?

    1. I’d argue that Gon’s combat speed has surpassed that of Darkseid by this point. Especially when he obtained his aged form in the Chimera arc. Even with the Omega Beams, it’ll be tough to hit Gon and he could endure a few hits with his Nen.

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