Kirby vs Bishop

Suggested by Destroyer Kirby is back in business and ready for some wins. Bishop is a really good shot and can use his energy projection well but Kirby has fought stronger foes. I may not rank Kirby quite as high as some do, but I would still put him as a formidable foe with a very large variety of attacks up his sleeve. Defeating him is no walk in the park and his defense is enough to stay in the game until Bishop falls. Kirby wins.

Kirby vs Wigglytuff

Suggested by Destroyer This fight goes in a very similar way to the Clefairy battle. Wigglytuff is strong and has a lot of techniques but lacks the speed needed to close in during the battle. Without speed you just won’t go far and Kirby certainly won’t let Wigglytuff get close enough to land any mega punches. Kirby’s Warp Star is really his secret weapon here and it’s quite effective. Kirby wins.

Kirby vs Clefairy

Suggested by Destroyer This is another tough battle for Kirby. Clefairy has a wide range of attacks up his sleeve but isn’t super fast either. Kirby should be able to dodge while on the Warp Star and counter using a lot of different techniques. Clefairy can hang in there for a while but ultimately I think this is Kirby’s fight to win or lose. He has the spirit and the drive to stay ahead in this battle. Kirby wins.

Mecha Sonic vs Kirby

Suggested by Destroyer Mecha Sonic is very well known thanks to Super Mario Bros Z but in the actual games and comics he isn’t nearly as impressive. The gap between him and Metal Sonic is quite considerable but the real question is if this is still enough for him to pull out a win. I think it’ll definitely be close, Kirby has better travel speed but of course Mecha Sonic dominates in combat. I would need to see just a bit more out of him though so for now Kirby would be able to tank his hits long enough to counter. Kirby wins.

Destoroyah vs Kirby

Suggested by Destroyer Destoroyah is a fierce Kaiju and one of those guys that you absolutely do not want to mess with. That said, Kirby is well equipped to handle him. That’s because Kirby has a large arsenal of abilities and techniques at his disposal. He can seriously pull out just about anything to take this guy down for the count. Not talking about one shots here but Kirby can keep attacking until he wins since Destoroyah will have no opportunity to counter attack. Kirby’s just too fast. Kirby wins.

Gorimondo vs Kirby

Gorimondo is one of the new bosses that showed up in the recent Kirby game. He is certainly not someone you want to mess with but then again, I think Kirby can keep up. Kirby has obtained many powers over the years which not only make him a versatile fighter but a deadly one as well. A few quick sword strikes should take this beast out. The difference in physical power will not be a factor since Kirby is so much faster. Kirby wins.

Erdrick vs Kirby

Suggested by Sonic Erdrick is a powerful warrior who really proved himself in the climax of Dragon Quest. The kid may have started out as a modest fighter, but his abilities are to be feared by the end. Kirby is very versatile and has attained a lot of abilities over the years, but they really can’t even begin to compare with Erdrick’s. Erdrick will be able to keep Kirby at bay with his projectiles and there’s no way the pink fighter can avoid them forever. Erdrick wins.

Kirby vs Bass

Suggested by Hoi It’s time for the legendary pink ball of terror to fight once again. Kirby has absorbed hundreds of abilities over the years and is incredibly powerful as well. Kirby has enough power to take out the planet and his speed is legendary. If he was fighting someone else then he may even have won, but he is up against the strongest being of all. Bass has speed that is unmatched and his power is also limitless. I don’t believe he will lose here. Bass wins.

Rosalina vs Kirby

Suggested by Sonic Rosalina is back, but Kirby isn’t an easy opponent for any fighter. Kirby has copied well over 100 abilities at this point and has always been a tough opponent to keep down either way. One slice of his sword and Rosalina’s barrier will likely fall. She doesn’t have a lot of offensive options to use against the pink puffball and that is why she ultimately won’t be able to claim victory here. Kirby wins.

Diddy Kong vs Kirby

Suggested by Sonic Diddy has returned, but he won’t fare any better in this match. Kirby has the ability to copy the techniques of anyone he eats. He’s done that to many foes in the past and has a whole lot of options to choose from. Even without any abilities he already has more strength than Diddy possesses. Diddy Kong’s only got his athletic skill to back him up and that won’t do much against Kirby’s impressive speed. Kirby wins.