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Kirby vs Bass

Suggested by Hoi It’s time for the legendary pink ball of terror to fight once again. Kirby has absorbed hundreds of abilities over the years and is incredibly powerful as well. Kirby has enough power to take out the planet and his speed is legendary. If he was fighting someone else then he may even have won, but he is up against the strongest being of all. Bass has speed that is unmatched and his power is also limitless. I don’t believe he will lose here. Bass wins.

8 thoughts on “Kirby vs Bass”

      1. There eating fish
        SInce we are using composite bass, he is part fish for bass is a fish
        by using powerscaling Kirby eats bass

      2. Hmm, I’ll admit that this is a pretty creative argument in favor of Kirby. That being said, being part fish is still not enough to slow Bass down

      3. But there exists more bass then Bass, which means he is mostly fish

        Also Fun fact, he is also part sound

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