Kirby vs Bass

Suggested by Hoi It’s time for the legendary pink ball of terror to fight once again. Kirby has absorbed hundreds of abilities over the years and is incredibly powerful as well. Kirby has enough power to take out the planet and his speed is legendary. If he was fighting someone else then he may even have won, but he is up against the strongest being of all. Bass has speed that is unmatched and his power is also limitless. I don’t believe he will lose here. Bass wins.

16 thoughts on “Kirby vs Bass

      • There eating fish
        SInce we are using composite bass, he is part fish for bass is a fish
        by using powerscaling Kirby eats bass

      • Hmm, I’ll admit that this is a pretty creative argument in favor of Kirby. That being said, being part fish is still not enough to slow Bass down

      • But there exists more bass then Bass, which means he is mostly fish

        Also Fun fact, he is also part sound

      • no seriously, look at this

        Not making it up, he just has infinite power and can copy any enemy. Guess that means bass is number 2 or something? But yeah, unless your gonna say that via the rules bass wins because bass wins, I think kirby has claimed the title of infinite power.

      • Nothing can be infinite though so at best that just means Kirby is so strong that a lot of people think he has infinite power. At the end of the day I wouldn’t say that he actually has that amount of talent though. He will have to settle for being close

      • ???

        Oh the Blog battle rules, thats it. You do realise TOAA, powerful gods and kirby have infinite power, course its boring to fight with em, but no, things can have infinite power, especially when its stated from an unbiased source. Without being infinite in power, kirby is op, he goes from beating up a penguin for stealing his lunch to beating up Cthulhu for stealing his lunch.

      • Nah, even if we go outside the blog battle rules there is no such thing as infinite power for a character. That’s just short hand for saying that the character is very impressive. Infinite power just doesn’t exist even as a concept. That being said, Kirby is very tough to be sure. I’ve always enjoyed playing through his games

      • Yeah, there is actually..its called having unlimited power. When someone cant die, and cannot be beaten, aswell as being able to oneshot everything, id consider that infinite power. Nice by the way, kirby games are great. But yeah I just dont see bass being able to win, hes powerful yeah, went toe to toe to megaman.exe, who can run through the universe in seconds and can throw off huge powerful attacks, but bass.exe lost to him, and kirby is no joke.

      • It’s still not a thing. Unlimited Power at best is just using power at a really high level but it’s still got its limits. There’s just not a way to easily catch it. Kirby wouldn’t be able to compete with Bass because his sheer stats are just too high

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