Kiva vs Clefairy

Kiva is a strong fighter and he is quite fast as well. He can engage in both long range combat and close quarters although the latter is certainly his specialty. His hand to hand skills are far better than Clefairy’s, but she has many more attack options than he does. She can use attacks like Hyper Beam and has many stat boost abilities as well. The fact of the matter is that catching Clefairy and tagging her with any attacks will be quite difficult in the end. Kiva’s speed won’t be enough to dodge Clefairy though. Clefairy wins.

Clefairy vs Pikachu

Clefairy is a normal type which means that he’s a very well rounded pokemon. Most attacks won’t be that effective against him and you never know what attack he’ll throw out next. Still, that’s never fazed Pikachu in the past and it won’t be stopping him this time. Pikachu is far too quick to get hit so easily and one good Volt Tackle will end this thanks to Pikachu’s intense power. Pikachu wins.

Captain Underpants vs Clefairy

Captain Underpants is back and now he’s up against Clefairy! Clefairy has a lot of intense attacks at his disposal, but will they be enough to take down Captain Underpants!? Captain Underpants definitely knows how to win, but in the end he will be losing this match and dropping down the ranks. Clefairy wins.

Clefairy vs Spirit (Horse)

Spirit (Horse) makes his debut round, but he can’t take on a Clefairy. Clefairy is a pretty powerful pokemon who can take many opponents down in the blink of an eye! Spirit (Horse) may be tough, but in the end he’s just a horse. I’m afraid that he won’t be able to win this round. Clefairy wins.

Clefairy vs Ash

Clefairy has his pokemon skills and you never know what attack he’ll use! Of course with Ash’s pokemon arsenal he’s ready for just about anything! Clefairy may have lost his first fight, but he will be back. Ash will also be back as per usual. Ash is nearing 100 battles! Ash wins.