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Gandalf vs Kirby

Suggested by Destroyer Gandalf is a good magician in his own right, but he is old and certainly not very agile. Kirby can easily keep on sidestepping his blows while launching counters of his own. Kirby’s various skills like his sword slashes would deal massive damage to the glass cannon known as Gandalf. This is one time where youth trumps experience. Kirby wins.

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Bionic Bunny vs Kirby

It is certainly tempting to go for Bionic Bunny here, but I’m afraid that he won’t be winning this round. We simply haven’t seen enough of his speed and strength to assume that he would significantly outclass Kirby. Kirby has Samus’s Power Blast coupled with many other good abilities like Villager’s pocket. Bionic Bunny will have to dodge an onslaught of attacks and I don’t think he will have the speed to do this. Kirby wins.

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Mr Game and Watch vs Kirby

unnamed (1)
Mr Game and Watch is back, but he may be more than a little outmatched by the raw power that is in the form of Kirby. Kirby has a powerful hammer that he can slam his opponents with and one hit is already guaranteed to deal some massive damage. Mr Game and Watch has his own hammer, but his speed just isn’t good enough and his array of abilities is a lot more limited. Kirby wins.

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Bowser Jr vs Kirby

Bowser Jr has his Clown Car, but it won’t be enough to stop Kirby. Kirby can quickly destroy it with his sword abilities and then a nice power blast should finish the job. Kirby can also just end things with one of his powerful magic explosions. Bowser Jr is simply outmatched here and he’ll have to take yet another loss. Kirby wins.

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Accelerator vs Kirby

This is a bit of a random match, but I saw it being debated and I can’t believe that there would ever be a debate. Kirby is strong to be sure, but Accelerator is much faster than him and a single hit would be lethal. None of the abilities that Kirby has absorbed in the past will be of any use to him here…it’s game over for him! Accelerator wins.

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Dark Pit vs Kirby

Dark Pit makes his debut onto the blog and his appearance in the new Smash Bros game should quickly increase his popularity. He’s definitely a skilled fighter and it’s tough for any opponent to stand up to his large array of long range abilities. He can also attack from short range so he is very unpredictable. Dark Pit wins.

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Robin (Fire Emblem) vs Kirby

Kirby Robin
This is actually a pretty close match. Kirby has inherited many abilities over the years and he’s most famous for his sword transformations. On the other hand, Robin is a pretty dependable swordsman and he has magic spells to back him up as well. Could he hold up against the might of Kirby? It would be close, but his magic should be able to counter all of Kirby’s projectiles and I believe he would pull ahead in a sword fight. Thus, I think Robin has the slight edge here. Robin (Fire Emblem) wins.

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Pac Man vs Kirby

Kirby PacMan
Pac Man is definitely a pretty bold hero, but he won’t be able to take Kirby down for the count. Kirby has a lot of abilities at his disposal and he’s fought with many of the strongest Nintendo fighters in the past. Pac Man has a good amount of hand to hand fighting experience on his side, but that just won’t be enough this time. Kirby wins.

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Kirby vs Nabbit

Kirby Nabbit
Nabbit may be skilled at running, but he won’t be able to outrun Kirby. Kirby has the Warp Star at his disposal and the sheer speed of it is overwhelming. Once they are close to each other, Kirby can quickly win the battle through hand to hand combat. Nabbit simply won’t stand a chance and he will start off his blog career with a loss. Kirby wins.

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Palutena vs Kirby

Kirby Palutena
Kirby may have obtained many amazing abilities during his travels, but they will not be enough to stop Palutena. Palutena can fire giant energy blasts and her speed is impressive. Kirby would not survive her onslaught of energy blasts from all sides and he would eventually be defeated. Not even the mighty Kirby can defeat a goddess. Palutena wins.