Gandalf vs Kirby

Suggested by Destroyer Gandalf is a good magician in his own right, but he is old and certainly not very agile. Kirby can easily keep on sidestepping his blows while launching counters of his own. Kirby’s various skills like his sword slashes would deal massive damage to the glass cannon known as Gandalf. This is one time where youth trumps experience. Kirby wins.


Gandalf vs Greedo

Suggested by Jimmy Gandalf may not be the strongest mage out there but he can easily handle an alien with a gun with minimal effort. Greedo can keep on shooting but Gandalf can simply counter with his magical blasts. A single singe will probably be enough to start wrapping the fight up. A gun blast could probably do the same so this could go either way. Gandalf wins.

Gandalf vs Saruman

Saruman is a pretty experiences magician, but I still don’t think that he could match up against Gandalf’s impressive power. Gandalf has some very powerful attack magic and he’s possibly the strongest wizard on his planet. Saruman loses his debut match, but he put up a decent fight. Gandalf wins.

Gandalf vs Dumbledore

Two of the most popular wizards of all are now battling! Dumbledore has some powerful spells that could potentially wipe out Gandalf in an instant..if they hit! I think Gandalf would be able to land the critical blow first, which would grant him the win in the end. Gandalf wins.

Ganondorf vs Gandalf

Ganondorf is back and this time he’s up against Gandalf! Gandalf may have some pretty good spells up his sleeve, but he’s far too old for them to do any good. Ganondorf is a much better hand to hand fighter and rises up the ranks with this win. One day he will be back! Ganondorf wins.

Kenshiro vs Gandalf

Kenshiro is pretty tough and has physical power that would make even the mighty Gandalf shudder. With a single punch he’s been shown to do even more damage than guys like Curious George and the One Above All! Kenshiro wins his debut match and proves that he’s still super tough. Kenshiro wins.