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Gandalf vs Greedo

Suggested by Jimmy Gandalf may not be the strongest mage out there but he can easily handle an alien with a gun with minimal effort. Greedo can keep on shooting but Gandalf can simply counter with his magical blasts. A single singe will probably be enough to start wrapping the fight up. A gun blast could probably do the same so this could go either way. Gandalf wins.

Battles, Greedo Battles, Han Solo Battles

Greedo vs Han Solo

Suggested by Jimmy This is a really classic fight and you can argue that it is one of the most controversial ones of all time. That being said, I think the winner is pretty clear. Greedo seems to only be a threat with a gun while Han is willing to use anything as a winner. Han isn’t just a fighter, he is a survivor. He tends to come out in this kind of a fight. That being said, Han definitely shot first the first time and he will this time as well. Han Solo wins.