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Kenshiro vs Toriko

It’s another pretty tough match as both of these fighters are very powerful and great arguments can be made for either side. Toriko is still going, which gives him the huge advantage to ultimate win this match since he’ll just keep getting stronger, but I would say that Kenshiro has the edge at the moment. His ki abilities make for a better long range option than Toriko’s knives and he can definitely hold his own in a fist fight. They’re neck and neck as far as most of their physical abilities go, which is why the energy blast makes the difference. It’s a battle of brawlers and the original hand to hand fighter takes the win. Kenshiro wins.

Battles, Kenshiro Battles, Wamuu Battles

Wamuu vs Kenshiro

Kenshiro and Wamuu are both pretty powerful when it comes to their firsts. Wamuu has his wind abilities to back him up while Kenshiro will need to rely on his energy blasts. In terms of guts and gusto, Kenshiro definitely has the edge. His raw determination will help him to pull ahead and he would be able to get through Wamuu’s wind still in one piece. After that, a super energy punch barrage should take Wamuu down for the count. Kenshiro wins.