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Wamuu vs Kenshiro

Kenshiro and Wamuu are both pretty powerful when it comes to their firsts. Wamuu has his wind abilities to back him up while Kenshiro will need to rely on his energy blasts. In terms of guts and gusto, Kenshiro definitely has the edge. His raw determination will help him to pull ahead and he would be able to get through Wamuu’s wind still in one piece. After that, a super energy punch barrage should take Wamuu down for the count. Kenshiro wins.

5 thoughts on “Wamuu vs Kenshiro”

  1. Kenshiro is amazing, to truly comprehend his power, you have to watch the entire series and OVAs. Very few people can match him.

    1. Agreed, he is a very powerful fighter and he’s been performing pretty well on the blog. That being said, he has a pretty tough match awaiting in the near future. One which could definitely be controversial

      1. No, I haven’t even started the show or read the manga yet. It definitely sounds like fun, but it could be a long time before I read it. When it comes to new manga or anime, I usually don’t know what I will check out next until it comes. That being said, I did make sure to check out DBZ

      2. Oh very nice, cool that you checked out DBZ. You won’t be disappointed by Fist of the North Star (Hokuto no Ken), it’s an amazing anime. I would rather Kenshiro stronger than most Marvel characters but he is not at the same level as the Saint Seiya and DBZ franchises.

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