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Wamuu vs Kenshiro

Kenshiro and Wamuu are both pretty powerful when it comes to their firsts. Wamuu has his wind abilities to back him up while Kenshiro will need to rely on his energy blasts. In terms of guts and gusto, Kenshiro definitely has the edge. His raw determination will help him to pull ahead and he would be able to get through Wamuu’s wind still in one piece. After that, a super energy punch barrage should take Wamuu down for the count. Kenshiro wins.

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Wamuu vs Vegeta

Vegeta has his legendary Big Bang Attack, which could take out the planet and that would probably be it for Wamuu. Wamuu has some powerful wind abilities, but they are far too slow to deal with the Prince of All Saiyans. Wamuu may have won his first battle, but he won’t be able to repeat that against this Super Saiyan. Vegeta has every possible combat advantage at his disposal. Vegeta wins.

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Sylar vs Wamuu

Sylar is back and he’s up against a new blog fighter in the form of Wamuu. Wamuu is proficient in hand to hand combat and he can use his wind abilities to amp up his attacks or slice his opponents directly. Wamuu is not very quick, which will give Sylar the advantage in that area, but I don’t believe that it will be enough to win. Wamuu only needs a single hit to deal lethal damage with his wind cutters, while Sylar’s nuclear attack is the only weapon in his arsenal that could potentially defeat Wamuu. The wind would be able to deal with some of the fall out and also protect Wamuu to an extent so I believe that the attack would not succeed and that would be Wamuu’s big chance to land a crushing blow. Wamuu wins.