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Sylar vs Wamuu

Sylar is back and he’s up against a new blog fighter in the form of Wamuu. Wamuu is proficient in hand to hand combat and he can use his wind abilities to amp up his attacks or slice his opponents directly. Wamuu is not very quick, which will give Sylar the advantage in that area, but I don’t believe that it will be enough to win. Wamuu only needs a single hit to deal lethal damage with his wind cutters, while Sylar’s nuclear attack is the only weapon in his arsenal that could potentially defeat Wamuu. The wind would be able to deal with some of the fall out and also protect Wamuu to an extent so I believe that the attack would not succeed and that would be Wamuu’s big chance to land a crushing blow. Wamuu wins.

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Jin vs Sylar

Devil Jin T5DR (1)
Sylar has a lot of abilities up his sleeve and he would likely be able to defeat Jin while Jin was in his base form. Jin is an expert at hand to hand combat, but it would be tough to get near Sylar. That’s where his devil form comes in. Jin can spam lasers from a long distance and his speed is also drastically improved. (As well as his strength) Sylar’s regeneration won’t be able to overcome Jin’s monstrous strength and none of his abilities will give him enough speed to dodge the lasers for long. Jin wins.

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Aquaman vs Sylar

Sylar has a lot of powerful abilities, but Aquaman will just prove too be too experienced. He’s fought many opponents and his strength is pretty impressive. Once he was able to land some good shots on Superman and Wonder Woman, plus his speed is also pretty good. This is one match that I don’t think Sylar can win. Aquaman wins.

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Teridax vs Sylar

Teridax and Sylar both have many powers. Name a power and they’ll probably have it, so the question is…who wins! Sylar has some pretty great intuition and all of the basic superhero powers, plus more. Teridax has possibly even more powers. He can shoot lasers, has super speed and strength, and a lot more. In the end I’m going with Teridax, he seems to be more durable which could be the clincher. Teridax wins.