Sylar vs Vash The Stampede

Suggested by Sonic Sylar has a whole lot of abilities since he tends to acquire more every season. He has elemental abilities, regeneration, and a slew of other techniques. Vash is a little more limited in comparison but he already possesses superhuman stats. He can block bullets with ease and has a cannon that can take out whole cities. He also has automatic blades that move with his will which are a tremendous help here. Sylar will be able to prolong the fight for a little while with his regeneration but at the end of the day I don’t see him being able to move fast enough to stop Vash. Vash The Stampede wins.

Sylar vs Wamuu

Sylar is back and he’s up against a new blog fighter in the form of Wamuu. Wamuu is proficient in hand to hand combat and he can use his wind abilities to amp up his attacks or slice his opponents directly. Wamuu is not very quick, which will give Sylar the advantage in that area, but I don’t believe that it will be enough to win. Wamuu only needs a single hit to deal lethal damage with his wind cutters, while Sylar’s nuclear attack is the only weapon in his arsenal that could potentially defeat Wamuu. The wind would be able to deal with some of the fall out and also protect Wamuu to an extent so I believe that the attack would not succeed and that would be Wamuu’s big chance to land a crushing blow. Wamuu wins.

Jin vs Sylar

Devil Jin T5DR (1)
Sylar has a lot of abilities up his sleeve and he would likely be able to defeat Jin while Jin was in his base form. Jin is an expert at hand to hand combat, but it would be tough to get near Sylar. That’s where his devil form comes in. Jin can spam lasers from a long distance and his speed is also drastically improved. (As well as his strength) Sylar’s regeneration won’t be able to overcome Jin’s monstrous strength and none of his abilities will give him enough speed to dodge the lasers for long. Jin wins.

Aquaman vs Sylar

Sylar has a lot of powerful abilities, but Aquaman will just prove too be too experienced. He’s fought many opponents and his strength is pretty impressive. Once he was able to land some good shots on Superman and Wonder Woman, plus his speed is also pretty good. This is one match that I don’t think Sylar can win. Aquaman wins.

Syndrome vs Sylar

Syndrome is back and now he’s up against Sylar. Syndrome has some decent tech at his disposal, but Sylar can just freeze it. Syndrome is definitely not much of a fighter without his suit and he would lose pretty quickly. He won’t be able to defeat someone as powerful as Sylar in this round. Sylar wins.

Batman vs Sylar

Sylar does have a nice variety of abilities, but Batman also has quite a number of them. He’s infamous for his prep time and in his composite form, he’s one of the strongest characters in comic existence. Sylar is powerful, but he can’t stop the legendary genius of Batman! Batman wins.

Harry Potter vs Sylar

Harry Potter is back once again, but he may not do any better than he did in his last match. Sylar has many abilities at his disposal, including telekinesis and regeneration. Harry Potter’s magic spells won’t be able to stop him as Sylar cruises to victory in this round. Sylar wins.

King Kong vs Sylar

Sylar has his golden gun at the ready and a few good shots should do the trick to weaken King Kong. Then Sylar can finish him off with one of his abilities. King Kong just isn’t quick enough to dodge the attacks or take Sylar down for the count. King Kong drops down the ranks with this loss. Sylar wins.

Sylar vs Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones has his whip and he’s also got a gun at the ready. One good shot is all he needs to take out many other opponents, but Sylar has a lot of other abilities at his disposal to tip the edge in his favor. This is one match that Indiana Jones won’t be able to win. Sylar wins.

Sylar vs Tad

Sylar is back and while he does have a lot of abilities, defeating Tad may be a difficult feat. Tad has his powerful Poliwhrath who was even able to take on a foe as powerful as Charizard. Not to mention that he’s fast as well and he can dish out a lot of damage. Sylar drops down the blog ranks with this loss. Tad wins.